Let’s be honest, driving long distance can get boring. We’ve compiled some of the best truck stops all across America to help you break up the long stretches of driving:

1.  The Iowa 80 Truck Stop - Walcott, Iowa -

The World’s Largest Truck stop is a trucking classic that should not be missed. Compared to a ‘Trucker’s Disneyland’, this stop features countless restaurants, a movie theater, laundromat, barbershop, and even a trucking museum!

2. South of the Border - Dillon, South Carolina -

This stop has been a prominent landmark of the southeast for over 50 years. Something unique about this stop is Pedroland (an awesome amusement park), the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the U.S., and sombrero shaped glass elevator!

3. Little America - Flagstaff, Arizona -

This is a perfect place to stop if you’re sick of driving and need some fresh air. Among 500 acres of Ponderosa pines, the stop features everything from fine dining (Western Gold Restaurant) to hiking trails. There’s something for everyone!

4. North Forty Truck Stop - Holladay, Tennessee -

This classic stop in Tennessee features 24 hour dining 7 days a week! This is also a complete stop with overnight parking, laundry services, massages, and a gift shop. (Pro tip: You MUST try the fried pies.)

5. Big Texan Steak Ranch - Amarillo, Texas -

We’ll be honest, this stop is for the food. Big Texan Steak Ranch offers delicious steak, deep-fried foods, and is home to a craft brewery if you’re stopping for the night. Also, if you can eat a 72- ounce steak in one hour it’s free (Count me in)!

6. Tamarack Tourist Information Center - Beckley, West Virginia -

This unique stop includes all the classic food court options and tourist info, but also features a fine art gallery, live performances, and stores selling local products. Nothing like staying cultured on the road!

7. Whiskey Pete’s - Primm, Nevada -

Whiskey Pete’s offers a fun environment for truckers to relax and recharge. It offers hotels, casinos, a 24-hr restaurant, and even a roller coaster! This is not your traditional truck stop, but is a modern classic that shouldn’t be missed!

8. R-Place Restaurant - Morris, Illinois -

Trust us, the food will speak for itself on this one. R-place is open 24/7 and offers delicious baked good and classic American cuisine. This is an all-time favorite stop for truckers and travellers!

9. Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center - Portland, Oregon -

Named by FOX Travel Channel as the “World’s Classiest Truck Stop”, this stop offers all your classic amenities along with pool tables, dance lessons, and live music on the weekends at Ponderosa Lounge.

10. Bear Lake Rest Area and Overlook - Bear Lake, Utah -

You have to stop at this overlook for the breathtaking view alone. Surrounded by mountain scenery, this rest stop provides ample parking, clean restrooms, and nearby hiking trails for those who want to explore a little more!

Here at Fleet Oil and Truck Supply, we know that trucking can be a stressful job. Remember to unwind and take a break by stopping at some of these unique truck stops!

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