Driving in cold weather is a challenge for just about anyone, especially if the roads are snowy or icy. But cold driving conditions become even more of a  challenge for truckers. Poor viability in cold weather, coupled with slick roads, makes it hard for many truck drivers to stay at a constant pace on the road.

However, there are steps experienced truckers can take to keep moving and stay safe in cold weather. Keep reading for ten truck driving tips for cold weather.

Carry Out Inspections: An inspection is one of the most important steps towards getting your truck ready for colder weather. Check tire pressure, oil, and antifreeze to ensure you are equipped to handle the wintery weather.

Drive Slowly: It might be tempting to try and rush through cold weather to get to your destination. This can be very dangerous for you and everyone else on the road. Many accidents occur in cold weather because drivers do not slow down. Going slow will give you better traction on slick roads and allow for a longer reaction time if anything goes wrong.

Allow For More Space: Roads that are snowy or icy mean that big trucks need a lot more space to slow down and stop on. Make sure to drive with plenty of room between you and other cars so you have time to get out of the way if necessary.

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Don’t Make Sudden Decisions: When it comes to driving in cold weather, being smooth is the way to go. Avoid instances of sudden braking or acceleration to prevent sliding off the road if there is ice or snow. Be sure to maintain a constant speed to prevent your tires from losing traction.

Watch The Tire Spray: Watching tire spray is an important step to take while driving in cold weather. More water coming off the tires means the road is wet, and you should slow down. Less means the roadway is freezing and you need to drive with extra caution.

Turn On The Headlights: Driving in cold weather gets a lot harder once it gets dark. Visibility is always going to be poor in bad weather. Mitigate this risk by driving with the headlights on during colder weather so others can see you and give your big truck distance.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make A Decision: Driving in cold weather is risky for everyone on the road. It’s especially risky for your big rig since it can be hard to control. Don’t be afraid to drive around obstacles or maneuverer around to avoid an accident if you are able to. The slower your truck is going in an accident situation, the better for everyone involved.

Just Pull Over: If the cold and snow get too bad, don’t hesitate to pull over and stop for a little bit. Taking the time to hunker down for a little bit is a lot better than risking your life and the truck to try and push through during bad weather.

Drive Prepared: If you’re going on a trip that carries you through cold weather, make sure to outfit your truck to be prepared. This means carrying blankets and warm clothes. If you’re on the road for a longer stretch, carry a flashlight, sand, a shovel, and some matches in case you get into trouble.

Always Check Twice: While driving in cold weather, check everything twice before proceeding. Looking at a traffic light twice before setting off or going through an intersection can keep you safe and potentially avoid accidents caused by other bad drivers.

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