Falling asleep at the wheel is a serious issue, especially for those whose career consists of constant driving. Even driving while drowsy can result in serious consequences, it inflicts potential harm onto you and the drivers around you. Here are 12 tips to help drivers stay awake during their long travels: 

1. The bright headlights and the bright dashboard lights contrasted with the totally black cab will wear you out. Use soft red lights in the cab to provide just a little light, and turn the dashboard lights down to the point where they are only bright enough to see the gauges. Try to avoid looking at the headlights coming towards you.

2. Try To Avoid Becoming Too Exhausted

Driving when you are tired is incredibly dangerous. When you start to feel tired, try to get a quick nap and more frequent naps. Go to bed early if you can. It is a proven fact that the more exhausted you are when you do go to sleep, the less alert you will be when you wake up.

3. Manage Your Emotions

Whatever the cause, if you become upset and angry, all that will come of it is a dangerous level of frustration. This condition will wear you down and drain your energy. Over-excitement is also dangerous.

4. Keep The Temperature Low

It may be nice to keep the cab at 80 degrees in the winter, but a warm cab will make you sleepy. If you keep the cab cool, then you can stay alert and drive safely without the risk of falling asleep or becoming drowsy.

5. Take A Break From The Radio and The CB

The constant chatter may be entertaining, but it can also be tiring and even exhausting. The problem is caused when these noises bombard your mind with too many stimuli which make you more tired.

6. There Is A Time To Turn Your Radio Back On

Quiet can also become tiresome after a period, and the never-ending hum of the engine and the tires seem to be putting you into a trance. Now, its time to listen to some music or chat on the CB. Perhaps a talk show will help, but try to avoid the controversial talk shows which may over-stimulate you.

7. Get A Coffee

The caffeine in coffee can give you a nice bit of energy and make you more alert, but coffee is not a substitute for sleep. Coffee is a good way to get a little lift when you need one.

8. But, Don't Drink Too Much Caffeine

While coffee is good for that quick energy boost, don't mix stimulants like coffee and energy drinks. The combination is a health risk, but it will also cause you to crash hard when the caffeine wears off.

9. Keep The Food Portions Small

A large amount of food will make you sleepy, or minimally it will make you more tired than you would be otherwise. Several smaller meals eaten throughout the day are better than a couple of large meals.

10. Don't Neglect Getting Something To Eat

Food in the right quantity can be an amazing energy booster. Your body loves small meals with small snacks between each meal.

11. Stop For A Walk Or To Get Some Exercise

A short walk can make a big difference in how you feel. If you can get some heart-pumping exercise, you will feel even better. However, a five-minute walk every few hours can make you feel significantly better and more alert. It will also help you avoid getting a blood clot.

12. Take A Nap

A thirty-minute nap can make an incredible difference in how you feel. A nap will help keep you more alert and awake for a longer period.

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