Trucking is a lifestyle, and we have compiled the best tips for new truckers that we believe will be hugely beneficial in your day to day. Trust us, these are the tips that will transform your day into a seemingly straightforward and enjoyable one and keep you loving your time on the road.



Watching What You Eat

Healthier options while on the road may take a little longer, but you will thank yourself in the years to come. Whether you choose healthier options at diners, pick better options for snacks, or prepare your own food before (or during) a run, you’ll have a clearer mind on your drives and feel healthier too.


One of the major concerns is that eating the quick food in combination with the lower level of activity of driving all day adds pounds on you FAST! That may be a badge of honor to some, but the only person that is happy to see the weight add up on the scale is the makers of cholesterol medications and heart surgeons. Do yourself a favor, keep your money in your pocket and out of the medical system by eating healthier.


The occasional high-calorie meal is all fine and well, but it’s better to keep your daily intake of food somewhat consistent and your calories like what they would be at home. That way if weight starts creeping on, you can make minor adjustments to fix it instead of a massive overhaul and ultimately failing on a new diet.


Show Up On Time, Every Time

No one likes the late guy! This may not be the rule in social settings, where being “fashionably late” is usually the best option. When it comes to your career, it’s always better to be on time, or better yet, early. Being on time is something that the bosses and carriers will remember.


The main benefit is that you will typically be higher up on the call list for runs that involve a more pressing time element because they remember your punctuality. Over time, you will become the go-to guy for the jobs that need a quick turnover. The best part about this situation is that you will be getting more work, and it is likely that it will be higher paying work.


The benefits of making more money and getting more work are, I’m sure, not lost on anyone. The only thing to remember is that you should still try to have a healthy home/work balance. It becomes really easy to get tied up in the numbers that you’re racking up, but your wife and kids would always rather have you around than that new iPad.


Get To Know The Safety Department

One of the best tips for new truckers that we can give you is to get involved with your Safety Department early on. A good working relationship with them is not only important if you ever run into any issues. The best way to avoid having any issues is to get to know them early (see what we’re getting at here?!)


The thing to remember is that they are there to keep you safe, that is their function. So learning how to be safe, and keeping those guidelines as your top priority will save you from a major headache in the future.


One thing that everyone will tell you is that the Safety Department is out to get you, and it can feel like they are the police. The fact is, they don’t want you to crash and burn in the company. It is actually in everyone’s best interest if you stay around as long as possible.


If you think about it from the company’s standpoint, it’s expensive to train new employees, and it’s doubly expensive to have to train new hires when they were expecting to have you on the road. Now they’re missing out on business because they had to fire you for not complying with the safety standards. No employer wants that!


Don’t be that guy; you can easily be best friends with the Safety Department by being proactive. The best part about that is if you’re proactive, you will automatically look better than 90% of other drivers out there. While everyone else is avoiding them like the plague, you can make friends with them and they will actually have your back down the road!


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