Have you been thinking of teaming up as a new driver? Prospective drivers have some serious misconceptions about driving as a team, and sometimes teaming can disrupt the driver's potential and career development. Be sure to do some great research before making a decision on teaming as a new driver.

Myth: You Will Be Teamed With an Experienced Driver

The new person’s way of thinking is that they will find a great partner to laugh with, assists them with backing, and teach them all the stuff they forgot from training.

The reality is that any co-driver who is not getting paid to train is not obligated to get out of bed and help the other driver. That co-driver is not your trainer, and they are also not your spotter for backing. It is the trucker’s responsibility to goal and pull his or her own weight. 

Myth: Teaming Up Will Prepare Me To Go Solo

Teaming and solo driving are completely different things. Hours of service is rarely an issue with teams because someone typically has hours to run. The only major concern is to watch the seventy clocks for both drivers. You pick up a load, drive as hard as you could, only stopping the truck for fuel, a thirty minute break, and a quick bite to eat. After this, it is back to driving down the road. The whole point is to get to the location as fast as you can. At this point, you will either unload early enough or wait for the appointment and rest.

Trip planning is typically much easier because you rarely need to park somewhere for more than a few hours. Because the loads go from coast to coast, you usually drive on the interstates. Because someone always has the hours, you could even swap on the on ramp quickly then go. 

Myth: Teaming Up Provides Companionship And Fun

It is true that teaming could provide a lot of laughs and a break from the loneliness of solo driving, but it could also be a nightmare. Living with a stranger day in and day out in a rolling closet could be pure hell. 

There is also no privacy on a team truck. Arguing with your wife on the phone while someone listens and responds to the conversation can be infuriating. Having to ask for the trucker to pull into a rest area so you can use the restroom can be humiliating.

Myth: You Will Be Paired With A Similar Personality to Yours

Trucking companies are about making profits, and they see this as a task  for us. They expect the drivers to be professional and work things out. They will pair their drivers from similar regions for easy home time options.

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What if your partner has a different work ethic? Some drivers out here just want to get by on the job, they don't usually care about making a lot of money. They need just enough to pay the bills and live. These types of people are perfectly happy allowing you to do all the work while they reap the rewards.

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