Whether you are new to trucking or have been going strong for several years, there are some things that every trucker should be doing. The truth is, not enough truckers are using each of our tips, especially the first one up, but they could be making their lives so much easier! Our tips will seriously make daily life a lot easier!


Use Your Navigation

It’s a point of pride that some of the more veteran drivers learn their routes like the back of their hands, and that they did it the hard way. The hard way basically means they got lost because they lacked the reliable navigation systems we all have readily at our fingertips. They may tease you for having it easy, but that doesn’t mean you should take a page out of their book.


The number one reason to use your navigation is so you can avoid getting lost as much as possible. Even with navigation, you’ll still get lost, but it will absolutely cut down on the number of times that happens to you. The number one reason we want to stress using the maps on your phone is that it will cut down on your route times and this will make you look a heck of a lot better than other drivers!


Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is something that absolutely every trucker should be doing! This doesn’t just mean eating healthy and working out but also taking breaks when you need them. Plus, who has time for the gym on the road?


Taking breaks for your sanity is key. If you’re ahead of schedule or can make up the time see a tourist attraction nearby. Not into tourist traps? Hang out and talk to some folks in town at the next diner you stop at. You will be surprised how much a little human interaction can improve your state of mind.


Sleep, A Lot

We think every trucker out there should be sleeping as much as possible before they start each journey. This will make sure you drive safely and will keep you driving for longer periods of time each day. Also, try to get the most out of your sleep each night on long hauls by getting earplugs and an eye mask. Your buddies may pick on you for it, but when they see how rested you look every time they see you they’ll slowly come around.


A word of advice: sleep always beats caffeine in a head to head competition. Go ahead and use coffee, but try to limit your intake to the times that you really need it, so you don’t build up a caffeine tolerance.


Be Professional

When things are going downhill fast, keep your cool. Talking to your fellow truckers and bosses professionally is something that every trucker should be doing. Losing your temper or panicking when it hits the fan is something that people always remember.


Do yourself a favor, train yourself to laugh at the situations that go awry, because they will happen a lot in trucking. Having a sense of humor about all the things going wrong will make it a lot easier to handle, and people will respect you for handling things calmly.


Let’s Talk!

We hope you got some useful information about what every trucker should be doing. If you’re having any problems with your truck or have a question about your current order, give us a call at 877-693-5192.


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