Driving freight across state lines isn’t the easy job that everyone likes to think it is. Truckers know the challenges while on the road are never-ending, and that staying sharp is always crucial to getting the job done and staying safe. However, no one said that driving freight isn’t fun!


You may have deadlines when you’re driving, but you have the freedom to do a ton of other things since no one is breathing down your neck like they would in an office. With all of that freedom, you should learn some ways to fully take advantage.


We have some ideas:



Pick Up New Habits

Everyone gets into a comfort zone when it comes to driving. They’ll turn on their favorite music and sing along to burn through the hours until you reach your destination. We have nothing against that, but if this sounds like you, you’re missing a huge opportunity.


You can listen to literally any radio station on the planet now with apps that you can download on your phone. You can hear live radio from halfway around the world if you wanted to. What better way to find some new favorite music than to venture out of your regular stations?


Better yet, if you can get podcasts, you can literally learn about any new topic that you want. If you’re interested in learning more about world news, science, business, learning a new language or literally anything, then the podcast is out there for you. Instead of mindlessly enjoying music, which definitely has a time and place, you can expand your horizons.




Try New Food

New restaurants are always good, and you should try new places as often as your heart desires. But do you ever venture away from eggs for breakfast, a burger for lunch, and a steak with mashed potatoes for dinner? While you may be saying “yes!”, how many other different dishes do you try?


You may realize that you have go to foods as well as go to restaurants along your route. Well, it’s never a bad idea to look some other ones up and plan a trip to a new location with each new load you pick up.


In fact, if you can find a type of food you’ve never tried along your route, why not try their most popular dish? The world is filled with endless varieties of food, and by trying something different, you may just find that you enjoy more than you thought you did!




Enjoy Limited Engagements

If something you’re interested in is going on in an area along your typical route, why not take a few hours and check it out. Trade shows go on all the time, as do conventions. You may find that your old movie poster collection has more fans than you would have thought. That might even be a group you’d like to spend time with in the future, but you won’t know unless you go the event.


Also, the holidays bring all types of different events that are one night only or just for that month. Take advantage of this. Driving freight gives you the opportunity to see what several different towns have to offer. Plus, if you’re a big fan of that holiday it’s a great chance to give the kid in you some holiday relief from the road.




Single? Try Meeting Someone New!

Driving freight every day can be lonely work. As I’m sure you’re aware, dating apps have taken America by storm. The best part about these apps is that you may be able to hit it off with someone with the help of an app that you may never have bumped into during your daily life.


If you’ve never tried one of these apps, it’s very easy to connect with other singles in the cities that you normally travel to and start up a conversation. Most people who have never use one of these apps may think it’s weird, but it’s no different than meeting them in a bar or any other social setting.


If you haven’t tried any of these yet, try a few out when you’re in a major town and see what app you like the most. You have nothing to lose, but possibly a lot to gain. So just get out there and give it a chance.



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