There are so many reasons why you should install mud flaps and hangers to your truck. Almost all cars these days come with their own mud guards but it might sometimes be necessary to customize the flaps so that they'll suit the kind of roads that you usually drive through. Always keep in mind that if you regularly drive through rough roads, you are going to need thicker and tougher mud guards. Below is an overview of the top 5 benefits of flaps and hangers for a truck. 

1) They protect your vehicle from debris on the road especially during bad weather conditions. If you are driving through any road, your tires will always be in contact with debris like rocks, tar, water, metal parts, and other elements littering the road. If your truck doesn't have a mud flap, these debris might hit and cause damage to your car. If this continues for so long, the long-term effects may be very difficult to repair. Debris flying around won't just cause damage to your car, they can cause damage to your immediate surroundings as well.

2) They protect the underside of your vehicle. This is one of the main reasons why flaps and hangers were invented for cars. In the early days, drivers keep on noticing that the undersides of their cars are always being assaulted by rocks and other materials launched by the wheels. When flaps were designed and installed over and behind the tires, the damages being caused by flying debris was greatly minimized. 

3) They protect other cars, drivers, and people around you. Not only will the flaps protect you and your car, they will also protect the cars driving behind you. If you are driving through a gravelly road with other cars tailing behind you, there's a big chance that your tires may launch a stone and hit the cars behind you. The likelihood that this is going to happen can be avoided by installing mud flaps on your truck.

4) They help you save money from repairs and maintenance. Since flaps and hangers protect your car from unnecessary damage, this means less calls for an auto mechanic and less trips to the auto shack. You'll save a lot of time and money.

5) They are very affordable. Mud flaps and hangers these days are very affordable and easy to install. Most of them are under the $50 dollar mark. The great thing about mud flaps is that they are tough enough to last for years.

So there you go. If you really want to protect your car, it's highly recommended that you install tough and high-quality mud flaps and hangers.

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