At Fleet Oil & Truck Supply, we know you road warriors work hard. The holidays can be particularly challenging. Not only are you away from family and friends, but this time of year, you can also face challenging weather conditions. So we wanted to give you a few stops around the country that really know how to take care of you!

  1. The Iowa 80 Truck Stop

This is the granddaddy of them all. You may not know much about Walcott, Iowa, but if you are a trucker, you’ve probably heard of the Iowa 80 Truck Stop, which boasts of being the world’s largest. I-80, exit 284, and you’ll find 100,000 square feet of a trucker’s paradise. It’s like a small city, with all of the amenities: tons of fast food restaurants from which to choose, along with a movie theater, a laundromat, plenty of showers, and church services on Sundays. They even have a trucker’s museum. Good thing it is spacious, because around 5 thousand people stop by every day.

2) Little America

If you’re traveling through Flagstaff, Arizona, it would be worth your time to take a stop at Little America. You know the lovely I-40, so finding somewhere beautiful and interesting is a feast for the eyes. Little America, at exit 198 is a jewel. You would hardly know it is a truck stop. It’s a 500-acre hotel with a golf course, swimming pool, fitness center and business center. The travel center has a gas station and well-stocked convenience store that is open 24/7. The Little America Grill starts early with breakfast, and also has rotisserie chicken and 50 cent ice cream cones.

3) Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center

You don’t normally use “classy” and “truck stop” in the same sentence, but you will if you visit Jubitz Truck Stop and Travel Center. It’s just off Interstate 5 in Portland, Oregon. The Travel Channel named it the “Classiest Truck Stop” in the U.S. If you are looking for a nice room to check in for the night, the Portlander Inn has 100 from which to choose. The stop also has a restaurant, convenience store, and 80-seat movie theater. If you are wanting to do something fun, the Ponderosa Lounge has pool tables, TV’s, dance lessons, video poker and live music on the weekends. Get your cha-cha on!

4) Bear Lake Rest Area and Overlook

You gotta admit it. Add the phrase ‘overlook’ to your name, and you’re tempted to take a second glance. Just off route 89 in Bear Lake, Utah is a rest stop with the best view in the U.S., according to The Travel Channel. You can scan some gorgeous scenery here, with Bear Lake and the mountains surrounding it. If you want to stretch your legs there is a hiking trail close by, along with parking and bathrooms. This looks like a stop with a view!

5) Trail’s Travel Center

When you are driving through Minnesota during the winter months, it’s great to have a warm spot to land. The Trail’s Travel Center is located off of I-35 in Albert Lea, Minnesota. You can find a few fast food restaurants there, along with a restaurant and tavern. If you want to catch a flick, the travel center has a movie theater, wi-fi and church services on Sundays.

At Fleet Oil & Truck Supply, our goal is to keep you moving safely on down the road. We hope you have a terrific and profitable happy holiday season! As always, if we can do anything for you, give us a call at (877) 693-5192.

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