Truck drivers, truckies, drivers, lorry drivers, and Teamsters. These are some of the names given to people who drive trucks for a living. A typical day for a driver begins with them waking up between 4 am and 6 am, taking a quick shower, getting some coffee, inspect the truck and checking the weather.


After that, they hit the road.


Truck drivers, however, are not guaranteed to return home at the end of the day due to the distance covered. Having to travel long distances through the day can cause a hindrance to communication, thus separating a truck driver from the rest of the world.

There are, however, five simple ways that we can all implement to ensure that all of us truck drivers can be more social.


1.    Set up rest stops for truck drivers

Research shows that 12% of truck crashes and 10% of near crashes are caused by truck drivers suffering from fatigue. It is known that truck drivers are paid according to the short mile covered which goes about 10% less of the covered mileage and at times up to 50% per hour.


This means that the more mileage you cover, or the more hours you cover, the more money you get. The need to earn enough is what drives most to work longer, which induces fatigue and sleep disorders.


Setting up rest spots along the major highways not only helps them rest but also helps them to be more social once they meet other drivers at these sites.


2.    Work out

Now, it is very clear that the most exercised parts of a truck driver’s body are the brain, the eyes, the feet and the hands. This means that the rest of the body parts are neglected if they don’t make it a personal choice to try to work out. Besides eating healthy, having a common gym for truck drivers along the highways can be a good way for them to communicate as they stay healthy.

If you know other like-minded drivers, plan a location along your mutual routes to make it work for everyone involved. This should be accompanied by eating healthy and getting enough rest every day.


3.    Technology

No doubt, technology has taken a major leap in the last couple of years in ensuring that there is effective and efficient communication all over the world. Making a simple phone call from your cell phone is now possible from any part of the world with no restrictions. You can communicate with a person on a different continent as though they were standing right next to you!


Take for instance the internet app called WhatsApp. It allows you to video call a person from any part of the world and communicate as though you were in the same room. WhatsApp also allows you to text in groups. Being in various groups helps you keep in touch with the rest of the world protects you from only speaking in trucker language. It’s like talking Spanish to a Russian!


Being in a WhatsApp social group made of truckers will enable you to be able to share your trucking experiences with fellow drivers. Other such groups and sites can be found on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


4.    Plan family days out

Family fun days and barbecues are great ways to be social. Truckers often meet other truckers on the road. In places such as rest stops, you can plan events where everyone gets to mingle with the rest of the world and have more fun.


This is an excellent opportunity to counter the misconception that truckers are rude and angry people with no sense of respect. Being on the road for a long time can make one aggressive, but that by no means defines us! Such social events can be of great help to us to show our true colors.


5.    Use of intercoms

Intercoms are a fast and easy way which truckers can communicate with one another or to the police in the event of an emergency. Warning others of dangers ahead, problems with their trucks which they cannot identify from inside their trucks, or informing police of incidences that have happened in certain locations are great uses of the intercom.


This isn’t the only use of the intercom though; you can get on your own channel and talk with your buddies all day if you like!


It is very important for truck drivers to socialize with each other and the rest of the world. Human beings need to communicate in order to stay sane. Everyone should also engage in reading newspapers and watching or listening to the news in order for them to be at with the current occurrences in the world beyond highways.


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