Truck drivers who travel long distances would probably enjoy all of the comfort they can get. Of course, we're talking about comfort that does not put drivers to sleep at the wheel. Fortunately, there are many ways to increase a driver's comfort level that will also help to keep the driver alert. Fleet Oil and Truck Supply has a number of products that will increase driver comfort. The following are 5 ways to stay comfortable during long road trips:

#1: The Turbo Fan
This is a variable speed fan with an adjustable angle to keep cool air blowing when the cab is hot. A constant flow of air will keep the cab's inside temperature comfortable. Mounting hardware is included. Heat can make a driver uncomfortable and even cause sleepiness.

#2: Our Tan Faux Leather and Cloth Seat Cover
This seat cover is made of high quality vinyl and a breathable fabric. Increased comfort can be achieved by two foam seat cushions that are included. These seat covers are made for a tight fit. These covers Include a back pocket. This seat will be a lot more comfortable in all weather conditions because it does not retain heat or cold.

#3: Healthy Snacks
These include string cheese, nuts, rice cakes and apple slices, Carry some nuts, seeds and dried berries mixed in a container that allows you to get a few pieces at a time. Energy foods like this will make a driver more comfortable by being less fatigued from not eating healthy. These are items that do not require refrigeration. It is also a good idea to avoid fried foods as these tend to make a person more tired. Carry lots of water to maintain hydration. It is very easy to become dehydrated in hot weather, and this condition can lead to dizziness and loss of concentration.

#4: Maintain A Good Posture
Maintaining a good posture is very important in helping to avoid achy joints and muscles. By avoiding the temptation to slouch, a driver can avoid a lot of muscle and bone problems. The body needs to keep the position that it is designed for. Setting too long is another problem that can lead to discomfort and even illnesses.

#5: Practice Stretching
Try to stretch as often as you can by lifting you arms as high as you can and then stretching them down to your toes. Consulting a doctor before beginning stretching exercises is a good idea, and the doctor may recommend other exercises.

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