So you are ready to be a truck driver. If you are in truck driving school, you are probably chomping at the bit to get out of the practice truck and get into a truck that will help you earn a living. 

1. Trucking is more about mindset than the physical

Managing your own mental stress is the secret to trucking success. It could be a very frustrating and depressing job if you do not carry the right mindset. For some individuals, being away from your family weeks at a time could quickly become unmanageable.

2. You shouldn't expect the world right out of the gate.

It is not realistic to expect your dream position right out of trucking school. The first position you get out of school most likely will not be the one you stay at for twenty years. This first job is where you need to be learning about everything you need to be safe and compliant. Your first job is where you start building a reputation for yourself as a safe and compliant driver. 

3. It will take about a year to understand it

Some things might feel a little chaotic during the first year. To get a good understanding on all the rules and regulations in trucking, it will most likely take about a year. The three biggest points to focus on are following distance, knowing the Smith System of truck driving and trip planning. Remember that eighty thousand pound rigs don’t stop quickly and can’t be turned around as fast as a car when you miss a turn.

4. You year one goal should be no accidents.

In the midst of that very first year, you should focus on safety. Simply finishing the first year accident-free could in itself be a victory. We suggest living the time-tested safety rule, which is to get out and look. Anytime you need to back the truck up, you absolutely should get out of the rig and check out your surroundings to avoid backing accidents.

5. Make sure you know your career goals.

Choose what you want out of this career. Are you searching for maximum income? Is your home life a top priority? What benefits or health insurance do you need to make you satisfied? Once you have got an idea of what you need to be content, you can search companies efficiently.

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6. Don’t hop from job to job

Most young people switch jobs often in their first year, looking for the next possible better opportunity. As much as it’s not the best strategy outside of the trucking industry, it is the same case with trucking. Your time of service matters a lot. The fewer number of times you move jobs, the more likely you will end up at a top paying carrier. Doing your research prior to jumping ship is crucial if your goal is working for a top tier carrier at some point.

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