Driving over long distances can be a pretty boring and monotone affair, especially if you have made the route dozens of times. This can present a dangerous scenario. The presence of dull noise like repetitive music or the tires, combined with boring scenery, can cause most drivers to experience road fatigue.

Road fatigue can put you and everyone else on the road at great risk. As a result, many drivers try to purchase something sweet or caffeinated to keep them awake. The problem is that many of these products actually make you more tired than before.

Keep these 9 tips in mind to help you stay awake while driving long distances.

1) Take Naps Before Driving: Even naps that go for less than an hour give your body the needed energy to stay awake long into the night. If you can pull over for 20 minutes to take a quick nap while on the road, even

better. Just don’t try and fight fatigue.

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2) Take Vitamins: Even if your diet is not the best while driving, Vitamin B and C are good ones to take to give you needed energy and nutrients. Be sure to take them with a meal so you get their full benefits.

3) Turn Up The Music: Music can have a big impact on your mood, which can also impact your fatigue levels. Once you start to feel a bit sleepy or tired, don’t be afraid to listen to some energetic music and sing along with it.

4) Tune Into An Audiobook: If you’d like something different than music, keeping your mind occupied with an audio book is a good way to stay awake. Listening to someone else’s voice can keep your mind active, and you might also learn something new as well.

5) Open Up the Windows: If the weather outside is cold, open up your windows to let the cold air rush in. This can give your nervous system a temporary jolt that keeps you alert. Just don’t try this all the time, as it can be irritating and it is just a temporary fix.

6) Move Around: If you are feeling pretty fatigued, stop and get out for a couple of minutes to stretch your legs and move around. Keeping blood flowing helps keep your energy levels up as well and also gives you a chance to walk around the rig to make sure there are no glaring problems.

7) Eat Well Before Driving: It can be easy to eat poorly while driving, but try to get a healthy meal in before hitting the road. Eating food with complex carbohydrates and protein will give you long-lasting fuel, and choosing some fruits and vegetables is also a good strategy.

8) Don’t Drink Caffeine: Caffeine might be tempting if you are tired, but the energy benefits quickly wear off and it will make you dehydrated. Plus, drinking a lot of coffee is can make your jittery and can certainly get expensive.

9) Drink Lots of Water: Dehydration always makes people tired. As a result, make sure to consume lots of water while driving. It might be inconvenient to stop a lot to go to the restroom, but it’s certainly better than trying to fight fatigue while out on the road alone.

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