The All Terrain Vehicle or ATV is a wonderful recreational vehicle which gives the driver the exhilarating maneuvers of sharp, quick turns at a high speed. The ATV can provide many thrills as it bounces over terrain that a conventional vehicle would never venture onto. The Utility Terrain Vehicle or UTV is more of a compact pickup truck, and it is equipped for handling heavy loads. They have more space for passengers. The UTV will not make tight and fast turns like the ATV does.

The Fleet Oil and Truck Supply has the accessories and parts to help your ATV and UTV to work properly and safely. You can equip your unique vehicle with a number of accessories to make the vehicle serve your needs better. Both of these vehicles are great for recreational use and for getting certain jobs done.

One great addition for the UTV is the heavy duty deluxe rumble seat which will provide safety for passengers and add a touch of class with its plush, durable cushions covered in a wear resistant PVC coated polyester. The seat frame is made of heavy duty aircraft aluminum. Painted in black enamel, the frame will match the structure of all UTVs. These seats come with safety straps and seat belts to provide the greatest level of safety for the passengers. These seats can be easily removed if the space is needed for other purposes.

The quick draw gun rack is available in several models for installation in UTVs. This accessory is both a convenience and a safety feature. The same equipment is available for bows.

The PowerLoader has telescopic lifting arms that retract and curl in seconds. This feature enables lifting loads up to 350 lbs. Constructed of tough aircraft aluminum, this device weighs only 29 lbs. It is powered b y a regular winch.

The Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer keeps food and beverages cold without ice or it will keep meals warm, by plugging into the vehicle's 12V power outlet. The 25 qt. capacity will hold many beverage containers which makes it a good accessory for ATVs and UTVs.

Our Vacuum To Go is a handy piece of equipment for cleaning up wet and dry material. The ideal attachments are include. It includes a 15 ft. DC power cord.

Our company can provide you with all of the ATV/UTV supplies you need. We are a one-stop shop to equip you with items for maintenance and convenience purposes. Call us if you have a need for an item you do not see on our website.

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