Driving constantly sounds easy to most people, but as soon as they take a long road trip the get a real taste of what us truckers go through daily. While they aren’t equipped to handle the long hours like us, we have put together some accessories that we think help make each trip much easier.


Steering Wheel Covers

Getting a steering wheel cover is an absolute game changer for those of us with routes through the desert, or anywhere in Arizona! Getting a cover for your steering wheel can really save your hands from a lot of pain. The super-heated plastic of the steering wheel has been known to cause blistering and not doing something about it can lead to some more intense issues.


They are also a good way to avoid long term damage to the steering wheel itself. The sun exposure and friction from driving is a combination that will chip away the material of your steering wheel. Getting a cover can improve its longevity by a large margin.


Better Lighting

One of the best things you can do for your safety on the road is making your truck more visible at night. The easiest way to do that is to add better lighting to your vehicle and to your cargo trailer.


One of the biggest causes of trucking accidents is poor lighting at night. Taking steps to make sure that you’re seen on the road is going to increase the awareness of you and your load by making the space you take up very clear to everyone else driving.


You can go for more light on the front of your truck, the back of your trailer, or along the sides of everything.


Better Power

Enhancing the power output of your vehicle is a great idea for truckers nationwide. Getting diesel fuel additives in your truck has several benefits that will keep you running in any conditions, especially during freezing conditions.

Some are proven to de-ice frozen fuel-filters which means there is no requirement to change fuel filters. They also prevent fuel-filter icing as well. Another function is they can get gelled fuel to re-liquefy in a matter of minutes, which will save you a good chunk of money on a tow truck.

Water can cause corrosion throughout the system, and diesel fuel additives can remove water from your fuel system which will extend the life of fuel-filters.  They also work to lubricate fuel-injection pumps and fuel injectors. The main benefit is that this protects fuel injectors and pumps against accelerated wear from Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels.

Many of them contain non-harmful alcohols recommended by diesel engine manufacturers for removal of water in diesel fuel systems. Which is going to work wonders on the longevity of your truck.

The most important thing to remember is that these additives need to be used as directed. When they are used as directed, they don’t lower the flash point of No. 2 diesel fuel below the ASTM minimum standard, which is great for the environment!

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We know truckers have tons of other tricks to help make their lives easier, but these are a few of the proven tips that we know work. If you’re having any problems with your truck or have a question about your current order, give us a call at 877-693-5192.


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