If you are looking for a simple, accurate and affordable onboard load scale for your tractor, trailer or straight truck equipped with air suspension, then Fleet Oil and Truck Supply Company has the weigh load scale you need. We sell a variety of different weigh load scales that will make your truck more productive and safer while eliminating the risk of overweight fines and points against a your record. Weigh load scales are engineered to measure the air pressure on a single, tandem or tri-axle group on a tractor, trailer or straight truck. Both digital and mechanical scales are available. You can choose the in-dash mounted display for single or tandem axle scales, or an exterior mounted display for any axle group. No matter what type of weigh load scale you are looking for, a specialist will help you select the best scale for your vehicle. Some unique features of weigh load scales are the ease with which the scales can be reliably calibrated and the durability of the scales in even the harshest of weather conditions. Calibration is accurate to within 250lbs, and the calibration remains accurate. These scales are easy to install. When an in-dash display is installed, a quick disconnect fitting is all that is required to enable the tractor to separate from the trailer. The easy installation makes these scales ideal as a retrofit or as an OEM option. The benefits of selecting the right weigh load scales for the career trucker include the capability to ensure maximization of every load, eliminate the time and costs of going to a commercial scale, and the low costs involved in the purchase and installation. You will never have to re-work a load. Your efficiency and your safety can be significantly improved, and you will realize a quick, high return on your investment. Selecting the right weigh load scale will enable you to make digital onboard weighing affordable while ensuring that when you load for a trip you can be confident of being in compliance with the law. Weigh load scales are a product that will make your life easier and enable you to be more competitive in the environment of high gas prices and more restrictions on driver hours. The great part about this product is the affordability as well as the knowledge that you are protected against costly problems. For more information regarding Fleet Oil and Truck Supply, visit their website and Facebook page below! http://www.fleetoilandtrucksupply.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fleet-Oil-and-Truck-Supply/866549896767679?fref=ts

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