Fall is here and many people see it as just a stall for the winter cold. But the fall season has many variations of traffic and highway issues that all truckers need to pay attention to during October and November. With the correct preparedness, truck drivers can be happy in the brisk weather since it is a nice change from the previous heat of the summer season.


The roads have fall leaves on them

There a few places in America where the fall setting is beautiful enough to attract visitors. These fall leaves are only lovely when they are still attached to their trees. When the leaves fall on the concrete, it can be a safety hazard. Sycamore and oak leaves are specifically bad because the leaves are flat on the concrete and lower the friction for braking. When the roads are flustered with leaves, you need to avoid sudden brakes and swerves. You should call a policeman to clean up the messy roads to keep other truckers safe.


Rain season

Autumn is definitely the rainy season. The leaves are now turned more dangerous because they are wet, which produces slick roads. 


Harvesting season

Farmers across America are going to prepare for yearly harvesting. In this case, there will be more combines and tractor trucks on the pavement. These vehicles are very slow moving, so truck drivers need to be cautious of them. You should only drive passed them when there is nobody driving from the other lane and when the roads look safe. It could make anyone angry to drive behind a farming vehicle as you stay patient for a chance to drive passed it. It's not worth causing a crash though. 


Nighttime comes earlier

As you may have noticed, it is getting darker much earlier. The less sunlight will mean more driving in the dark. This is always more hazardous. You should remember tips for driving at night and prepare for it.


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Wintertime is approaching us

The fall season has its certain trucker safety concerns, but you should also remember that wintertime is just around the best. You should remember to look over the instructions for how to drive in the winter the potential scenarios you may face in the cold weather. Plan your drives ahead as soon as possible.

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