Defensive driving techniques ensure preparedness among the truck drivers. Truckers with proper defensive driving skills, always ensure that they have an emergency kit, medical supplies and basic snacks and water. They have an emergency kit carrying medical supplies, basic snacks, a jack and clean water. In winter drivers are also expected to carry extra warm clothes.
Before leaving stations, the driver is expected to check the tire pressure and check oil, fuel, and water levels on the truck. Before starting a journey, check the position of the mirrors and make sure that lights are working as expected.

Staying Calm:
Road rage behaviors are dangerous and defensive driving skills requires a driver to remain calm throughout their journey. Even if other people on the road are driving poorly, the driver should create enough space between him and others and remain calm. Avoid reacting with anger or teaching someone else a lesson. Remember that emotional reaction can negatively affect driving and can result in an accident. 

Adopt the 3-second rule:
Defensive driving techniques require a driver create enough space especially while driving at high speed. 3-second rule involves allowing three full seconds space between you and the car in front of you. During bad weather condition, increase this space to 4 seconds. And if the road is icy, ten seconds is highly recommended. However, for most driving situations 3-second space rules give a plenty of space to stay safe. 

Stay on sight throughout:
Ensuring that your car is highly visible is the best way of staying safe on the road. Researchers have revealed that most of the drivers do not see up to 90% of the cars around them. Road visibility can be improved by using headlights appropriately. For instance, allow enough space between you and other drivers to stay visible.

Avoid drug abuse:
Abusing drugs such as alcohol can impair driver’s ability to drive safely and can result in an accident. To remain safe, avoid over the counter prescription that can cause drowsiness leading to dangerous driving.  

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