There is more to life than driving and eating right? Of course you would like to be as efficient as possible on the road so that you can get back home and enjoy your home time, but you shouldn't forget to stop and smell the roses when you are driving. You do not have to travel far for entertainment on the road. There are a lot of historical and picturesque roadside attractions that are only a short detour from your route. These attractions are not known as major landmarks, which is exactly why you should make sure to see them.

Cardiff Giant in Cooperstown in New York

In a strange social experiment, George Hull built a stone giant in over one hundred fifty years ago. He came across this idea after reading about giants in the Earth in the bible verse Genesis 6:4. When workers dug the state up in the next year, civic boosters and religious groups defended that the stone statue as real. Hull quickly earned thirty thousand dollars charging people to see it. This statue is ten feet tall and is housed in Cooperstown in New York.

Mummies of the Insane in Philippi in West Virginia

It is  odd to think about how morally ambivalent people have been in the name of science. This exhibit is definitely proof of that. In the late eighteen hundreds, Graham Hamrick purchased two women corpses from the West Virginia Hospital for the Insane. He used them a homemade embalming concoction to preserve them. This was a process he had successfully carried out with snakes and a human head. These mummies are still on display today and are remarkably preserved.

David Rice Atchison Statue in Plattsburg in Missouri

In the history of the USA, exactly one president has served for a single day. This was quite a legacy to leave behind. Per the chain of command outlined in the United States Constitution, James K. Polk was supposed to be succeeded by Zachary Taylor. Taylor refused to swear in on that Sunday, leaving Atchison president for only one day. You should take a look at this statue and thank the guy for taking one for the team.

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Chief Crazy Horse Memorial in Crazy Horse in South Dakota

You know about Mount Rushmore, just a short distances away from the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota, so skip it and just check out this memorial. It is huge. It features the head of Chief Crazy Horse carved into the mountain, and it is bigger than all of Mount Rushmore combined. It is currently eighty-eight feet tall and work is ongoing, so who knows how much will be done by the time you will get there?

Bannack Ghost Town in Dillon in Montana

Old towns are very interesting. Everyone gets a shiver up their spine when they walk through an abandoned town with dilapidated buildings. Bannack Ghost Town is a preserved mining town that is located in Montana. The town has chuches, a school house and plenty of ghosts. The town is well-known for its gallows, where tons of people hanged over a period of seven months.

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