Are you a trucker and always on the road? If yes, you need to make your truck or RV cabin more accessorized and comfortable and make it a true home on the road. Fleet oil and truck supply has got a variety of 12 Volt accessories that can make long distance truck driving a great and comfortable venture. Comfort during long distance traveling by trucks is very essential and every driver’s expectation is not to be fatigued and avoid sleeping while on the wheel.

Fleet oil and truck supply 12 Volt accessories products are top notch and should be tried by any truck driver who values comfort on the job. Whenever you need to have your meals while you travel, fleet oil and truck supply caters for you needs. For instance, for your hot favorite beverages we got a 4 cup 12 Volt coffee maker that will make life easy, having your steamy coffee would only take you less than 5 minutes and you are good to go. Another great featured product is the pot popper and the electric sauce pan; it is designed to make you enjoy your meals and even have popped corns. 

12 Volt accessory product that is also available for your truck cabin is the oven to go; you can bake, cook or warm your food from the the convenience of your truck cabin with any available 12 Volt supply source. For more convenience, it would be much easier to prepare meals way before starting your trip. This would enable you to just use the oven for warming your food and hence lessening the time taken to prepare. It should be noted that oven to go has a compact feature, lightweight and strong for daily use. It also has a dual heating element, has a high and low temperature control as well as a nice collapsible handle.

For cold regions during your trip, fleet oil and truck supply has a 12 Volt accessory product to keep you warm. 12 Volt heated blanket will keep you comfortably warm while on your long trips or during camping. This great product can easily be plugged into any 12v output source be it in your truck cabin or anywhere when outdoors. For hot regions, fleet oil and truck supply also has a turbo fan to cater for your cooling needs it also has a variable speed. No doubt this experience gives you a convenient way to go about your life hustle free.

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