We have a wide selection of 12 Volt products to make life in your RV or truck more comfortable with the conveniences of home. Our 12 Volt products are the highest quality available. Here is a list of our featured 12 volt products.

Coffee Maker

Our 4 cup coffee maker is ideal when a few cups are needed. The first cup is available in 5 minutes and a full pot can be brewed in 13 more minutes. Our coffee maker comes with a scoop and a pack of 2 1x2 filters to get you started brewing wonderful coffee.


Oven To Go

Our Oven To Go warms, bakes and cooks food in your truck or RV. This oven comes with two containers you can use to prepare food ahead of time and freeze them until needed. When you are ready to eat, just put them in the oven. Made with two heating elements and with variable temperature controls.

Make Hot Drinks To Go

You can boil water to make coffee, tea, soup and a variety of instant foods. Only 10 minutes is required to warm 2 � cups of liquid, and 20 minutes to boil the liquid. You can check on the contents through a clear window in the container.

Electric Popcorn Popper and Saucepan

Electric Popcorn Popper and Saucepan combination is designed to help you make soups, stews, beans, steam your hot dogs, or make fresh popcorn all while traveling. This Max Burton #6920 is made of lightweight aluminum and it has a baked-on enamel finish. It has a 1 liter capacity.

Vacuum To Go

This wet/dry canister vacuum is ideal for a fast clean-up of dry or wet spills. This vacuum is compact and portable. It has a 1 gallon capacity with a 36”” flexible hose. The high and low speed suction makes cleaning easy. Various cleaning attachments are included.

A Heated Blanket

This is a polar fleece blanket measures 59” x 43” and has an 8’ power cord.

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