A number of foreign materials can clog a diesel fuel tank, and the tank can also be home to some bio-hazards. A tank can accumulate rust, dirt, sludge and even algae. Eventually, this material will create an expensive repair for several of the diesel engine components. In the past, the only way to clean a diesel fuel tank was to remove it and take it apart. Then by a manual process, the tank could be cleaned. Removing any fuel in the tank was a time consuming process.

There is now an efficient method for removing diesel fuel and cleaning the tank. It involves using a Fuel Tank Sweeper. The logical question is: "What is a fuel tank sweeper?" It is basically a 40 GPM pneumatic pump built for a variety of uses, but it is very effective in removing fuel from the most sludge filled tanks. The transfer is accomplished by a 10' input hose and a 10' output hose.

The output hose operates under a relatively high output pressure to loosen the sludge. The output pressure pumps the contents through a 10 micron glass filter where the technician can observe the level of contaminants in the fuel being removed. The output pressure will remove contaminants and trap these in the filter. The input hose will transfer the clean fuel back into the tank. The flexibility of the hoses and the diameter size makes this system adaptable to any tank.

This system is easy to use and it does not require any special training. There isn't any damage that can be done to the tank. Depending on the condition of the tank, it may be necessary to purge the filter if it fills up with contaminants before the tank is emptied and cleaned.

This Fuel Tank sweeper can also be used to transfer diesel fuel from one piece of equipment to another with or without the filter.

The Fuel Tank Sweeper is reasonably priced considering the work it can accomplish and the money it can save in labor and repair costs. It is easy to move around and easy to store. It requires no maintenance. The benefits of this Fuel Tank Sweeper are:
> A boost in octane performance
> Extends tank life by removing contaminants
> Prevents tank corrosion which is costly and can lead to tank leakage and unnecessary liability

The Fuel Sweeper specs are:
> 1 Year Limited Warranty
> Pneumatic Diaphragm pump
> Pump requirement is 4CFM (min) at 50 PSI
> Input Hose is 1" in Diameter
> Output Hose is 1" in Diameter
> Steel Construction Frame
Tires are 10" Pneumatic Tires
Weight is 70 lbs.
Dimensions: 23"W x 42"H x 14"D

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