It used to be, you only drove a pickup truck when there was work to do. They were utilitarian and spartan. Where did we even come up with the term ‘pickup truck?’ Studebaker used the term back in 1913, and it was a vehicle with zero creature comforts. But in the 1950s people started buying pickups for lifestyle rather than for work. Now, fewer than 15 percent of pickup truck owners say they use their truck for work.

There is no denying it: pickup trucks are hot commodities. Their popularity is growing, and the prices can be steep. One of the main trends are sales of luxury pickups that rival the price of a high-end BMW or Mercedes.

Most pickup buyers don’t fork over $60-$70,000 for a trick. The average price for full-sized pickups is around $45,000. Still, that’s a lot of cash, but pickup truck lovers know they are getting all the benefits of a luxury vehicle with all the benefits of a utility work truck. Contractors can have one vehicle that functions as both a luxury truck and family car. You get the towing and hauling necessities along with the luxury sedan amenities like camera systems, panorama sunroofs, saddle leather interior and all the rest. If your truck has a front bench, 6 people can ride in it comfortably.

So now you did it. You finally bought that pickup truck of your dreams. What a proud day! You are driving with pride and in style, nodding and giving the hand wave to other fellow pickup truck drivers. You have made it. Then you start to notice that their trucks are a little more ‘tricked out’ than yours. They have add-on accessories. So now you are interested in:

  • Truck hitch haulers

  • Bed rails

  • Bed caps

  • Tailgate guards

  • Overhead gun racks

  • Side storage pockets

  • Cargo Gates

  • Bedliners

  • Truck bed extenders

  • Truck N Buddy extenders for your 4-legged friends

Truck accessories can help protect your pickup, and they can also had needed function and hey, yes, we’ll admit it: make you get noticed while on the road. Fleet Oil & Truck Supply opened our doors in 1987. We initially started with catering our products to the truckers who were serving the Los Angeles - Long Beach Harbor area.

But now we have evolved and are an active internet store serving truckers from all over the globe. But we also have a heart for not only the long haulers, but the hard working men and women who need and use their pickup trucks to make a living. So we have a variety of pickup truck accessories and we ship anywhere you are: our goal is to assist you quickly and with great customer service. In fact, if you need an item but don’t see it on our site, just call us and we’ll help you get connected with what you need for your pickup. You can call us toll free at 877-693-5192 or feel free to email us at [email protected]. We will make sure you enjoy that ‘fine ride’ from the beginning!

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