A truck stop probably isn’t the first place you’d think of to shop for gifts for loved ones and friends, but the selection at a truck stop may just surprise you. Also, when you’re headed home, the last thing you want to do is make extra stops to shop. There are lots of unique things you can always find at a truck stop. When you’re on the road, these items can be great to pick up and bring back to your family!

Here are some of our favorites:

Gift Item #1: Toys

In general, the store at a truck stop is catered to giving a home-away-from-home to truck drivers. However, they get a lot of families rolling through there during road trips so often tend to stock up with a lot of toy options.

There are always many stuffed animals and a variety of different toys to choose from for all ages. Even now, there are many tech toys and gadgets that are carried by truck stops!

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for your child on your way home? You won’t even need to make an extra stop! 

Gift Item #2: Location-Specific Gifts

Want to show your loved ones some of the unique places you have visited along your routes? Truck stops are always stocked with location-specific gifts! From t-shirts and magnets to teddys bears and shot glasses, you can find the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Location-specific gifts are also a great reminder for your loved ones of you while you are away traveling. 

Pro-Tip: Who says you can’t pick up something for yourself? This is a great souvenir to remember some of the cool places you’ve encountered while trucking.

Gift Item #3: Snacks

Who doesn’t love a good snack? Luckily, truck stops are full of them! If you’re shopping for the foodie in your life, truck stops often carry location-specific snacks that are classics to the area that you may not be able to find other places! There’s always plenty to choose from.

Pro-Tip: You can’t beat the jerky selection at a truck stop.

Gift Item #4: Sunglasses

Truck stops always have a great sunglasses selection. There are endless shapes and colors to choose from. These can be a great gift for the trendsetter in your life who loves to change up their look.

Gift Item #5: Baseball Caps

These are great for the sports fan in your life. Truck stops generally have many baseball caps representing different sports teams so it should be easy to find your loved one’s favorite!

Why make an extra stop when there are so many great gift options at truck stops? 

Have any questions or items we missed? Feel free to reach out to us.

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