You might not think being inside a truck all day could affect your health. But we are here to tell you that sadly, you are wrong. If you are unaware of how to stay cool in your car or protect yourself from harsh ultraviolet rays, then here are some summer trucking tips to assist you.

1. Apply Sunscreen Often

If you are a person with fair skin, you know what we are talking about. But even if you would not consider yourself to be fair, it is still extremely important to put on sunscreen. The term, trucker’s arm, is a real thing and while it might be a funny tan line, this consistent sun exposure to the same spot could be harmful. You should go to your local drug store and look for different sunscreen options. And even though it might be uncomfortable, there are things such as sun sleeve that will protect the skin from the sun. If this is not your style, you can try using a window cover or visor.

2. Drink Lots of Water

You should know that you do not need to start participating in the gallon challenge, but keep a gallon of water or a few larger bottles in your truck with you. Just like keeping healthy food around is helpful, drinking a lot of water will keep you awake and focused. When you are dehydrated, you could often feel sluggish and exhausted. What is more satisfying than reaching for an ice cold bottle of water on a hot summer day? And if you have any back aches while you are driving, you could always freeze a bottle and utilize it as an ice pack.

3. Watch Out for Extreme Weather

While the winter might bring in snow and ice storms, the summer months could bring in some extreme thunderstorms and gnarly heat waves. The slick roads could be a nightmare. You should make sure to get your breaks and tires checked in the beginning of the summer season. The hot temperature could erode or fade your brakes quicker. Doing this regularly can also benefit you for any upcoming seasonal inspections. You might be trying to stay cool temperature wise, but this tip could help cool your anxiety as well.

4. Check Daily Traffic Reports

The summer months show a heightened number of drivers on the road. Summer travelers going on vacation and teens out of school for the summer will be with you on the road at all hours of the day for different reasons. A large truck plus more people will mean more accidents.

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5. Watch Out for Construction Zones

Watch out for people wearing hardhats. The warmer weather will result in construction companies having more workers out on the road. You need to always be careful when passing through construction zones because you will never want to hit a construction worker. And while it could be hard to slow down your big rig flying down the highway, you need to hit the breaks sooner rather than later. Fines and fees can skyrocket in these types of construction areas.

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