If you are a trucker, you will need to take extra care. Statistics from the US Department of Labor shows trucking to be one of most dangerous occupations. The transportation and material moving occupations have accounted for the largest number of fatal work injuries of any major occupational group in the early 2000s. This is the most recent year for which statistics are available. The fatality rate rose from almost eighteen fatalities per one hundred thousand in 2003 to almost eighteen in 2004.

The silver lining to this black cloud is that injuries and illnesses were down in 2004 from the previous year. Truck transportation in particular had a significant decline in the rate of injuries and illnesses, falling from almost seven cases per one hundred full-time employees in 2003 to six cases in 2004.

How could you avoid personally contributing to the number of injuries or even fatalities? Try these tips first:

1. Take time out to move around

This also includes taking breaks and getting out of the truck. You should minimize time spent sitting in the truck driver's seat during rest stops. You need to change your posture by walking around during short stops. During the longer stops, you might want to lie down in the bed if your cabin is equipped with one.

2. Always wear comfortable clothing

The best way to steer clear of health problems brought on by long periods of sitting is to wear loose clothing and footwear. The lack of proper blood circulation can create tremendous discomfort and result in health issues in the long run.

3. You need to pay attention to your truck's interior design

The layout of instrument panel and switches to reduce interior noise and cruise-control steering are all factors you need to consider. Depending on the height and weight of the truck driver, the steering wheel and backrest need to always be positioned for maximum comfort, so that the truck driver's movements are not overly restricted and his or her legs do not become subject to cramps due to lack of space.

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4. You should ever jump from the cab to the ground

This puts high loads on the trunk and lower extremities. When you stop the truck and egress is another time when lots of accidents occur. You go to step out of the truck, and maybe you will miss the step because your senses are deadened. Or you might jump to the ground rather than climb down the vehicle. Your body isn't prepared for the impact yet.

5. Be careful while handling loads

This is an additional aspect of truck driving that goes beyond the steering wheel. Whenever it is possible, you should use mechanized equipment when loading or unloading trailers. When manually loading or unloading a trailer, you need to seek assistance if you feel that a load is too heavy to safely handle.

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