Nobody likes to be involved with a fire, specifically while driving your truck. Some reasons that fires with trucks occur are that there might have been faulty wiring, or tires that overheat. But this does not excuse you from learning how to stop one from occurring in the first place. A semi truck fire can cause fatalities, injuries, and delivery lateness. Here are some ways you can lower your chances of being caught up in a semi truck fire.


Fires can seem easy and small to take care of. Most truckers make the bad decision thinking they have some time to put it out before it spreads. People don’t know that the rate of fire spreading is quick. Parts of the truck are extremely flammable and can make a fire spread in mere minutes.


Avoiding truck fires

We suggest that you stop smoking when you drive because it can distract you when you’re driving. The ash and smoke butt from the cigarette could create a fire in your trash. If you need to smoke, we recommend that you stop fully and smoke outside to protect yourself and others.


Worn out brakes can cause a fire as well. You need to maintain your truck as much as possible to prevent something like this from happening. 


Do you test the pressure of your rig tires enough? Did you know that when your tires are not inflated enough, the dragging friction can cause the fire. Make sure to check your tire pressure as much as you can to lower your risk of a fire.


How does your wiring look? Is it faulty? Look at all of your monthly and make sure to clean them off and that there is no dirt or musty particles. 


If you happen to have a fire while you are driving, the first thing you should do is pull off the road and make sure that there aren’t any buildings or trees around you. Call the police to report that you are currently in a fire. If it is possible, you can also stop the cars from coming your way to prevent any injuries or accidents. Stand outside of your truck until the police and firefighters get there.


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You should know that federal laws require say that your fleet needs to have two 4 B:C extinguisher and UL rated fire extinguisher of 5 B:C. Make sure to inspect these every year.

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