Have you heard of other truckers talk badly about the smaller companies in trucking? You might be making a mistake if you ignore those job ads of small companies. These businesses usually get a harsh reputation. This is not fair to them.


There are tons of reasons why you may benefit from these small companies. Read more below.

You Might Have More of a Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Smaller trucking businesses most likely have better compensation than the bigger companies. The big companies depend on the truckers, and the smaller companies split up the workload amongst the owner operator and drivers.


When this work is split up, there is a decrease in overhead and equipment costs. This allows the business to pay the operators and drivers higher wages. The small companies will hire a smaller amount of truckers. This will decrease overhead costs and will result in truckers being paid more.

You Will Have a Better Relationship With Your Company 

When you work for a big trucking business, you will not personally know anyone in upper management. You won’t feel close to the company. When it comes to the small business, you will have a family culture feel and form relationships better. Both you and the company will get the benefits from this.

Your Work Schedule Will Be More Flexible

Envision having your kids without someone to care for them when you are away from home. A big trucking business would never allow to leave work to take care of your kids or for any other reason. Smaller trucking companies will most likely be the opposite.

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Although you have worked for a company for many years in a big trucking company, you are just one of one hundred great drivers. In a smaller company, the top management will see your hard work and appreciate you better. 

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