You have most likely heard other truck drivers speak harshly about small truck driving companies. You might have even made the mistake of ignoring job listings at small companies in favor of those at national companies. In the trucking industry, smaller trucking companies often get a bad reputation, which is actually not fair.

There are a lot of reasons that you might get more from working for a small local trucking company. Read the benefits below if you are looking to choose whether or not a local trucking company is the right career move for you.

You Might Have More of a Competitive Compensation Package

Small trucking companies usually have much more competitive compensation packages than the national companies. National companies usually rely on the company drivers, while small companies might split their loads between company drivers and owner operators.

Since smaller trucking companies give part of their work to owner-operators, they usually have less overhead, a smaller amount of equipment expenses, and very few benefits expenses. This will allow them to pay both company drivers and owner operators more money. The local companies also generally employ far fewer people in a smaller array of positions, which reduces overhead expenses even more and puts more money in drivers’ pockets.

You Will Know Who You Are Working For 

Working for a large company often means that you are working for a nameless entity. Even if you know who owns the trucking company and the history, you might not really feel like you are part of it. With a smaller local company, you will most likely have a strong working relationship with the company's owner and other important professionals. You will know the history of the company, what its long-term goals are, and how you are benefiting both yourself and other truck drivers.

Adding to the Local Economy

Even if you work for a small truck companies that ship out across the country, you know that the miles and hours you put in will directly improve your country and your local economy. In a time when globalization seems to be minimizing the role of the smaller businesses, this is a huge benefit for lots of truck drivers.

You Will Have More Flexibility with Special Circumstances

Imagine leaving your family with no childcare for the infant and toddler you already have at the house. If you need to suddenly change your work schedule, take on different trucking hauls, or take some time off to meet family's obligations, you might be out of luck with a large trucking company when it comes to this.

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Even if you put in years of service with a larger company, you tend to be just one of many reliable truck drivers. If you get a prime trucking position at a local trucking company, your boss and managers see every day how much you do for the company and the hard work you put in. If they know that you have given plenty to the company, they might be more flexible when you need to call in a favor.

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