Warmer temperatures and the lack of snow means it’s time for spring weather. As sunlight starts to make an appearance, most people start to head out on the road and are usually in a good mood while doing so.

Even though spring is an exciting time, truck drivers need to be careful since many of the same dangers seen in winter can carry over to the new season. Here are five tips for truck driving in the springtime to keep in mind while out on the road.

Get Ready For Rain: Spring rains can be dangerous and hazardous if it catches a truck driver in the wrong spot. Any sort of rain hurts visibility, especially if it is accompanied with fog. This makes the chances for an accident much higher. If you have to pull over and wait until a rainstorm passes, you are then losing valuable driving time. In order to be prepared for the rain, make sure your windshield wipers and headlights are in good working order. This makes it easier for you to spot other drivers in bad weather.

Prevent Hydroplaning: Hydroplaning occurs when your truck’s tires lose grip with the pavement. This causes a gliding or skidding effect that can quickly lead to a bad accident if you are not able to brake. If a driver tries to brake too hard, the truck can start to jackknife and totally lose control. Be sure to maintain a safe speed and distance during the springtime, especially if the roads are wet. Many roads do not have good drainage and might have a lot of puddles.

Avoid Potholes: Potholes can grow in size during winter thanks to ice,  plows, salt, and general harsh weather. This can cause a lot of issues during the spring once the roads start to clear out. While road crews do their best to fill as many holes as possible, many of them remain unrepaired. It is always a bad idea to drive over a pothole since they can cause a lot of damage under a vehicle. Be observant of potholes during the spring and do your best to avoid them.

Watch for Temperature Drops: Unexpected freezing is not a rare occurrence in the spring, even if temperatures do get prey warm. This can cause issues if it rains because of the potential for freezing, especially in the early morning hours. Drive very carefully in the morning after a rainstorm and keep your eyes peeled for black ice.

Give Animals and People Space: Springtime means more people are out walking around. When driving through populated areas, watch for people on the side of the road and moving across crosswalks. Drive at a slower rate  so you can see people and give them space. This could prevent a big accident.

Animals are also pretty active during the springtime and might be crossing roads, especially if you are driving in a remote area. It’s best to keep your eyes open for animals while driving as they can be very unpredictable. You don’t want to react in a hurried manner to an animal and try to swerve around them.

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Keep the above tips in mind as you start to travel during the spring in your truck. The season is an inviting one due to the good weather and sense of optimism for the year, but many of the same winter dangers can cause issues if you are not careful.

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