Truckers across the country are experiencing empty gas tanks when they have filled it not too long before. Empty gas tanks are a result of unlocked gas caps, which makes the gas in their trucks easily accessible to thieves. Not only is an empty gas tank an additional expense, but it is a large inconvenience. For example, a driver may not realize that the gas has been stolen out of their truck until they run out of gas, and are left sitting on the side of a road. This problem can become a nightmare. Even if the missing gas is noticed, the next gas source may be too far away causing them to take a significant amount of time to seek proper assistance. Locking gas caps have proven to deter thieves from stealing fuel and save drivers the time and money of having to deal with a bad situation. Locking gas caps will make thieves move on to where they can siphon gas without any delay or trouble and your gas will remain in your tank. At Fleet Oil and Truck Supply, our gas caps are made of high quality long-life materials and have an aluminum finish. This product is offered along with our many other fuel tank accessories that have the potential to benefit each driver. If you are responsible for more than one truck, we can key all of your locking gas caps with the same key. Keying all of the caps with the same key will save time and problems resulting from misplaced keys. We can also provide multiple keys. Our fuel tank accessories include the unique locking gas caps required for the Freightliner, Sterling and Peterbuilt trucks. These trucks usually require the quarter turn lock with the heavy duty cam. We also offer the "skull" locking cap design for these trucks. Our product line also includes locking gas caps for the Mack, Volvo, International, Kenworth, and Ford diesel trucks. We will provide a locking gas cap that meets the thread requirements of your tank's filler neck and satisfies the venting needs of your tank. Give us a call and we can tell you about the amazing features that our locking gas caps offer and more about how these will benefit your business. For more information regarding Fleet Oil and Truck Supply, visit their website and Facebook page below!

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