Truck scales are very important for your transportation or cargo business. The scale helps in determining the weight of the load by weighing the vehicle before and after loading. When buying a scale, it is important to choose the scale that best suits your industry and needs. A scale that is not suitable for your work might create costly problems for you. 

Some of the factors to consider when buying a scale for your truck are:

1. Consider Configuration

The scales come in different configurations. The three main categories to choose from are:
-Full-length vehicle scales: They have 6-10 load cells and are designed to measure the weight of the entire truck at once. Are suitable for industries that charge for cargo based on the weight. 
-Single axle scales: They measure the weight of one axle
-Multi-axle scales which help in getting the aggregate vehicle weight together with individual axle weights.

2. Installation Style

You can decide to choose between above ground weighing station or pit-style weighing station. Above ground station remains on the road surface while pit style station will require the excavation of the ground for installation.

3. Reliability

It is important to know some of the factors that affect the reliability of the scale. You might need a scale that protects cell load connection. This will protect unnecessary downtime.

4. Scale Accuracy

Truck scale loose accuracy after a period of time after which it will need recalibration. The time between the calibrations largely depends on the technology used by the manufacturer. This will help in avoiding the undercharging or overcharging customer. 

5. Look for features best suited for your business

It is possible to have a scale that is integrated with the data management software. Truck scales may have varied applications from basic to advance. The features may include:
-Inspection of proper axle balance while loading.
-Verification of stock balance after dispatch
-Checking compliance with the traffic safety regulations
-Calculation of cost when charging by weight.

6. Maintenance

You do not want to have a scale that requires a lot of maintenance as this will be very costly to the business. It is good to get a provider who offers comprehensive replacement parts, maintenance checkups, and a favorable scale warranty duration.

In conclusion, selecting the right scale for your transport business might be the beginning of a major reduction in costs. It is, however, important to note that buying a suitable truck scale starts with getting the right vendor

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