As a trucker, it is important that you always take good care of your truck. You should ensure that it is in a good condition all the time. Take the time to regularly maintain it to keep it running smoothly and to catch any possible problems before they get worse later on. It is especially important to do a thorough inspection before a long trip to make sure it is ready for the journey.

However, trucks normally break down from time to time. It is something to be expected in the life of a trucker, so it is best to be prepared before it happens. 

It is always advisable to drive prepared all the time. You should ensure that your cell phone battery is fully charged. Even better, keep a portable charger on hand to keep your phone charged as to always have a means of communication. In addition, you should keep the flashlight in the truck just in case it breaks down at night. If you happen to be driving and you feel something is not right with your vehicle, find a safe place and investigate the problem. You can actually do this by taking the next exit or pulling onto the nearest shoulder you see. Rather than making a hard turn that other drivers may not be prepared for, ease off the road and use signals if possible. 

Turn on your emergency blinkers and set up flares and/or reflectors so oncoming cars can see you and avoid crashing into you. This also allows assistance to easy spot you. Raising your hood is a good way to let others know that your truck has broken down and that you are unable to move. Also avoid exiting the vehicle, as being outside of your truck on the highway is dangerous.

You should ensure that you identify your location and its surroundings. You should be in a position to tell your location and so on. It is important that you look for areas that are well lit. It is also advisable to notice landmarks around you and so on. This can help to expedite a response and assistance.

Once you have verified that your truck has a problem, you should consider calling for help. You might be in a position to fix the problem all by yourself. Call roadside assistance if you feel necessary. Call your dispatch if you are a driver for a company to let them know what happened and see how they can assist you.

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