When you work on the holidays, you can really feel like the Lone Ranger. You envision everyone else surrounded by loving family and friends while you are out… on the road… by yourself… again. It is easy to sulk and feel sorry for yourself, but having been there, we’ve got a few ideas for you to weather the holiday season on the road, and hey, even enjoy it. 

December 25th is Just a Number

Part of what can make us miserable is that we decide that the only day we can celebrate Christmas, for example, is December 25th. But say you are on the road then, providing for your family. Make a family decision that your Christmas will be… whenever you all choose it to be, and make that Christmas Day. Keep as many family traditions the same on that day as it would be if you were home on the 25th. It’s just a date on a calendar, after all.

Meet Some New Friends

You’ve heard the phrase ‘misery loves company?’ Here’s the deal: every trucker on the road is experiencing the same feelings, so why not join together on December 25th and share some stories from the road? You can pull up pics of your family on your phone and you can tell some tall tales!

Grab Some Grub Before Heading Out on the Road

So you’ve decided to not stay in your cab on Christmas Day, but get out and mingle. Bring a tray of cookies to share with your soon-to-be-new-found friends. Nothing like a chocolate chip cookie to get somebody else to say “Yes!” to your invitation to hang out.

Technology is Your Friend

It is so much easier now to stay in contact with our family and friends. It started with Skype, but now there is also FaceTime or Facebook Messenger. You can literally see and hear your loved ones almost anywhere, anytime. So utilize the resource! There is nothing like seeing and hearing from somebody you love to reconnect you, even if the miles between you are great.

Are You a Gamer?

Continuing with technology, you can use it to play a game of dominoes or Texas Hold ‘Em while you are on the road. You can pick someone as your ‘player’ and they can make moves for you, while you are chatting with your family. Pretty darn cool.

Just remember to be thankful, even when you are working over the holidays. You are providing for your loved ones, are able to stay connected with them, and will celebrate the holidays when you arrive back at your own zip code.

At Fleet Oil & Truck Supply, we stand as a ready resource for you and want to make your career, and your miles across the pavement; as smooth as possible.

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