The Christmas season is coming and now is the time to keep your truck’s packages secure! You should not take cargo thievery lightly. These people are sly and dangerous. They will do anything to get your shipments if you don’t prevent them from doing so. 


Cargo theft has been a huge issue in the trucking world. The numbers in regards to money losses due to robbery has been unclear, so truckers need to take it with a grain of salt. 


The US government does not keep a record of cargo thieves unlike car or home robberies. The reporting of cargo robberies is not mandated, although encouraged by the industry. These numbers are tracked each quarter and year. These reports are reported by people who want to report them, but is not a requirement. There is no way to know if the number of robberies has really decreased. 


Shipment robberies have decreased by fourteen percent in the second quarter of this year, in comparison to last year’s numbers. There might be a lower number, but we need to still be cautious with this issue to secure cargo. The new logging rules and tech may be keeping the robbers away for the time being, but they will most likely find a way to get around this.


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When the quarter two ends, you can guarantee that there will be an increase in theft. Holiday items start to ship across the US. The warehouse will get overly crowded and the items ship in the fall. 


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