Want to keep your truck's precious cargo as safe as possible, especially with the busy fall and holiday seasons coming up? Then do this one thing above anything else:


Don't underestimate the  determination or flat out cutthroat mindset of cargo thieves. They are intelligent, organized and ruthless. They will take what they need when they want if you do not take the needed steps to stop them.


With the hurricanes recently approaching the eastern United States, cargo thieves have used these public vulnerabilities to their advantage.


Cargo thieves do not care that it is the worst day in the world for the people in those disastrous zone. They do not care that they have lost their houses or experienced flooding. All they know is that individuals are going to need household goods and building supplies. So this is what they are going to steal.


Cargo being stolen is a huge problem for the trucking industry. Statistics on numbers of theft cases and financial losses can be a bit blurry, so trucks should take them with a pallet of salt.


The Federal government does not  track cargo theft like they track car theft or burglaries. There is a Uniform Criminal Reporting for cargo theft but it is not mandatory, so we don’t end up getting accurate numbers from the government. The industry also depends on two independent entities to gather numbers and create reports on a quarterly and yearly basis. All of the numbers are voluntarily reported. The problem is that you do not know if the voluntary reporting number is decreased or if cargo theft is down when you see a drop in the CargoNet report.


You should look at the numbers but you also have to know what is happening on a street level. We have that knowledge because we have a stolen cargo investigation team. 


There was a fourteen percent decrease in cargo thefts in Q2 2019 compared to the same time period last year. While there might be a decrease in reported thefts, this does not mean businesses could become complacent in their efforts to protect shipments. The downfall may be due in part to a recent shift toward pilferage theft, which is tougher to identify and less frequently reported than full load theft cases. And while new logging requirements and technology might be turning away thieves for now, you can bet they will find new ways around it.


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Right after the second quarter we begin to see a pick-up in crime. Christmas products begin to move around the country. Warehouses get overly packed and products are on the move around September. 

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Courtesy of Cuselleration