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Mr. Funnel 2.7 GPM, 03-8050
Mr. Funnel 3.9 GPM, 03-8051

Mr. Funnel 2.7 GPM, 03-8050

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Mr. Funnel 2.7 GPM, 03-8050
Part Number: F1C
Mr. Funnel 2.7 Gallons Per Minute.
6 Inch Height
3-1/2 Inch Diameter
2.7 Gallon Per Minute Flow Rate
Mr. Funnel is the leading portable fuel filter solution. Its proprietary technology filters out water, dirt and debris from a variety of types of fuels.

Using Mr. Funnel technology helps prevent engine damage from contaminants. Their fuel filters are commonly used by: do-it-yourselfers for mowers and lawn & garden power equipment; contractors for generators; farmers for tractors and generators; offroad enthusiasts, boaters and pilots. What they all have in common is a need to protect their investments in equipment by making sure they have clean fuel going into their tanks.

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