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OxyPro DFT Fuel Treatment, 8 Oz Maxilube's DFT8
OxyPro DFT Fuel Treatment, 8 Oz Maxilube's DFT8

OxyPro DFT Fuel Treatment, 8 Oz Maxilube's DFT8

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Oxypro DFT Fuel Treatment, 8 Oz Maxilube's DFT8

Use DFT Fuel Treatment to clean dirty fuel injectors for top end treatment, and to clean, lubricate and maintain entire fuel delivery system in gasoline and diesel engines.  Add to tank before adding fuel to ensure proper mixing.

Use the following mix ratios:

Add this much          To this many gallons of fuel

         DFT:            For System Cleanup:          For System Maintenance:
        8 Ounces                12.5 - 25                                25 - 50
      16 Ounces                25 - 50                                   50 - 100
      32 Ounces                50 - 100                               100 - 200
        1 Gallon               200 - 400                               400 - 800

This product contains no sulphur or aromatic hydrocarbons, no petroleum distillates and is non-flammable and non-hazardous.

CAUTION: DFT is non-toxic with normal use.  In event of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes; get medical attention.
For skin contact, wash with soap and water.  Ingestion is not expected to produce toxic effects.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

MAXILUBE Anti-friction Metal Treatment may be added to any lubricated machinery to reduce friction and wear.  This treatment increases machinery life, reduces maintenance and repairs, and improves operation efficiency.  Diesel engines have lubricated parts that normally do not come into contact with engine oil, but are lubricated with the diesel fuel.  These parts include the diesel fuel injector pump and the injectors themselves.  DFT is a form of MAXILUBE that mixes easily in all types of liquid fuels - including bio-fuels - to get metal treatment to those parts.  There are two methods of use, Described as follows:

Method 1:  This method produces fast results in any size diesel engines, usually within a few minutes.  this becomes especially important if you're stuck out in the field, away from the shop, and you're trying to operate a piece of equipment to get a particular job done, and can't afford any down-time.  Start with a warm engine, if possible.  Remove the fuel filter.  If it is dirty, or due for a change, replace it if you can.  If it has diesel fuel in it, pour it out into a clean container.  Fill the filter about half full of DFT and pour enough fuel back into it to top it off so there's no air space.  Install the filter.  Start the engine and check for leaks.  Operate the engine under load for at least 15 minutes before shutting it down.  Now it is ready for normal operation.  If you have any DFT left you can add it to the fuel tank as described under Method 2.

Method 2:  This method is easier and works with gasoline or diesel engines.  In 4 to 8 hours of operation you will treat the entire fuel delivery system from fuel tanks to injectors.  Caution: With dirty fuel systems the engine may die due to fuel starvation caused by a dirty fuel filter which will need replacement.  Be prepared with a new filter on hand.  As per label instructions, for initial treatment and system cleanup add 8 ounces of DFT to the fuel tank for each 12 1/2 to 25 gallons of fuel in the tank.  Operate the engine normally until the fuel level in the tank is down to where you would normally stop to fill the tank.  This time add 8 ounces of DFT for each 25 to 50 gallons of fuel in the tank.  For best results on a continuing basis do this every time you add fuel.  If for any reason you can't continue adding DFT, watch for signs of dirty injectors, usually after 30,000 to 40,000 miles of operation or equivalent number of hours.  be sure to occasionally inspect the fuel system for mechanical problems such as damage and leaks.  No amount of additives will fix things that are broken.
Please remember that treatment life and individual user results may vary substantially due to individual operation practices and conditions.

Maxilube, OxyPro and DFT are registered trademarks.