Many truckers, after several years, start to wonder if you should ever own a truck. It seems like there are some benefits to owning or leasing a truck instead of just driving for a company, but we are here to tell you that this isn’t a very good idea.


Here’s why:


Full Responsibility

Remember how the company has your back on parts, insurance, and settles disputes on wages on your behalf behind the scenes. Yeah, well that safety net is gone should you ever own a truck of your own.


Initially, you think of the extra freedom of having your own rig, but not about all the extra fees associated with it. In fact, your pay will dwindle so low, that you’ll be making closer to about $40,000 annually after all of the insurance fees, parts, tune ups, and gas.


The only time we can ever think of getting your hands on “your own rig” is if you have enough money set aside to start up your own trucking company. Even so, you will have to give up driving in order to focus on keeping the business growing, your new employees happy, and your client list both happy and expanding.


More Stress

With added responsibility comes the additional stress. Paying your out of pocket profits just to keep everything afloat will start harming your mental well-being, and that is the opposite of what you set out to do.


If you find yourself stifled by your current employer, get another one! There are plenty of trucking companies throughout the nation that you can approach for a position. Losing your seniority in the company will definitely suck, but think about the happiness to be gained with better management and a change of pace in a new company.


If you ever think if owning your own truck, think about all of those new responsibilities that will eat into your wallet first. You’ll see pretty quickly that moving to a new company is much more stress-free and more efficient than trying to do it on your own.


It Is Lonelier Than You Think

We’re all aware that truck driving isn’t the most social job in the world, in fact, it’s more for the lone wolves out there than the social butterfly. However, not having other truckers that work in your company to talk about the ridiculous new policies or that jerk of a manager you all report to for work can get lonely.


Not having common ground with anyone out there is going to get you into a slippery slope of sadness, which can quickly turn into a more chronic depression.


The best way to remedy this would be to either be part of a company or to start your own. The benefits of both are clear in regards to a social outlet. There will be people to have a conversation with when you’re around, and you’ll all have something in common to speak of.


Get More Than One Truck

If you think getting your own truck is the way to go, please take our advice and start a business and get multiple trucks. Starting a company of your own will be the only way to make sure that owning a truck will be profitable.


If, however, you prefer to drive, just continue on as you are or switch to a new trucking enterprise. It’s the only way to that makes sense!


Need More Advice

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