Fleet Oil carries the finest mirrors available. Truck operators can buy the high quality SurePlus Mirrors which are designed and manufactured to provide the views that will make driving much safer. These nationally famous truck mirrors are made in America with triple Nickel chrome plating to last longer and to be better looking. SurePlus Mirrors have been made since 1963 with the highest quality, and these mirrors are second to none. Here are our favorites:

The #580 8" Bubble Mirror with steel inter-plates and a three-screw adjustment. The mirror is cushioned in a vinyl channel and a heavy-duty mounting bracket is included.

The #898 Super Deluxe Cab Over Safety Mirror is designed for all cabover models. This mirror will eliminate the right front blind spot which is a good safety feature. There are no holes to drill, and a heavy duty mounting bracket is included. This mirror is also cushioned in a vinyl channel, and it also has the three-screw adjustment feature.

The #880 Super Deluxe Conventional Front Fender Mounted Safety Mirror uses a bell-type mounting assembly and has 3" washers that are coated foruse on the underside of the fender to protect the fiberglass fenders. This mirror has steel interplates with the three-screw adjustment. A heavy-duty mounting bracket is supplied along with 18-8 stainless steel fasteners. This mirror is also cushioned in a vinyl channel.

The #875 8" hood mounted Bubble Convex Mirror has curved arm for easy adjustments, It also has steel interplates with the three-screw adjustment feature. It is also cushioned in a vinyl channel. A heavy-duty mounting bracket is also included.

The #879 8" Bubble Convex Mirror has a straight arm. Otherwise the feature are the same features that the #875 mirror has.

Fleet Oil and Truck Supply will fill your order and ship it within one to two business days. The timing depends on when the order is received.

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