Ever wonder which is the best trucking song for cold weather? 

After all, you can only listen to things like talk radio or audiobooks for so long. Sometimes it’s nice to turn on some tunes to help pass the time and keep you awake on those long drives!

Here are a few of our favorites, along with a short explanation why. 

Winter Trucking Song #1: Six Days on the Road by Dave Dudley

This one’s a classic. It talks to all of the kinds of things truckers can understand. He mentions how it feels like 6 months since he left his girl and his log books are way behind. 

All of those things are true for truckers, but especially so during the winter months. Driving in those harsh conditions takes a lot out of you, so it’s nice to listen to a song from someone who can relate!

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Winter Trucking Song #2: Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) by Alabama

This song is all about a trucker who has to leave his family to drive his 18 wheeler for a few days. He hates to do it because it means leaving his family, but it’s just what he has to do. Meanwhile his wife teaches his kids to sing a “roll on 18 wheeler” song in an effort to keep their spirits up while they wait for him to get back home. 

It’s especially hard to leave behind your family during the Holiday Season and this is a great song to relate to. We can have faith that as long as we keep rolling on and doing our job, we’ll make it back. 

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Truck Song #3: 500 Miles by Bobby Bare

This one’s about being 500 miles away from home, feeling cold and tired and all alone. A lot of us have experienced that feeling of being homesick, regardless of who you have waiting for you at home. Whether you have a wife and kids, a dog or just some great friends - we all miss home. 

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Trucking Song #4: A Truck Driver’s Prayer by Red Sovine

This one’s a bit different. You can call it a song, but it’s really more of a prayer put to some music in the background. It’s encouraging though, because it speaks to some things that only truckers can appreciate. For example, it talks about trying to be safe so we don’t get in an accident and hurt anyone else. It asks for good judgement, strength and safety for himself, his rig, others and his cargo. This song is presents a great message for any time of year.

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Winter Trucking Song #5: On the Road Again by Willie Nelson

This song is a classic for many! It goes a different direction than most of the other songs mentioned above. Sometimes we get tired of sitting still in our homes, even in the cold wintertime. We get antsy and ready to hit the road again. Fortunately, being a trucker, it usually isn’t too long before we are back on the road again. 

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These are great songs to help keep you awake and keep your energy up on those long winter drives! Have any questions? Click here to contact us today.

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