The advantages of Maxilube metal treatment are numerous for all types of machinery. Maxilube virtually eliminates wear which results in reduced maintenance and repair costs. Elimination of wear also results in a longer life for the equipment.This product will improve the operating efficiency of any mechanical system that generates pressure and heat. 

Maxilube solves the problems of wear and friction by treating the metal so that the metals function in a smoother manner and are much more resistant to wear and heat. An important feature of Maxilube is it makes the metal parts smoother, and therefore, more resistant to wear and heat. Maxilube reduces the friction characteristic of metal by more than 70 percent. Any lubricant will work better under this condition which means longer life and more efficient operation. Some equipment using Maxilube will last two or three times the manufacturer's normal life expectancy. When metal is treated with Maxilube, friction virtually disappears. An engine with a small amount of Maxilube added to the oil will run much quieter, cooler, cleaner and with improved power. The engine will have less oil consumption and will provide better gas mileage. A small amount should be added with each oil change.

Maxilube does not leave a resin coating or a bonded film than can rub or peel off. There is no material buildup to distort tolerances. Maxilube does not contain any solids that will coat the metal, and it doe snot use any petroleum distillates which means it can be safely used in turbochargers. Maxilube is non-flammable and non-hazardous.

Another unique characteristic of Maxilube is the positive effect on the environment. SMOG emissions are often reduced by more than 50 percent. This little known and largely unpublicized fact is important in reducing pollution, and this is an added bonus of the product.

Fleet Oil and Truck Supply is pleased to offer Maxilube Metal Treatment in 1 gallon, 32 oz., 16 oz., and 8 oz sizes

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