A cargo smart bar will let you carry items in your truck to keep them from shifting while in transit. It can also be used to hang clothes on such as jackets, sweaters and rain gear that may be needed. It is a strong device with more holding power than conventional load locks. This cargo bar can be adjusted from 48 inches to 108 inches. The 48 inch length makes this cargo bar easy to store in the truck. 

The square steel construction provides better contact with cargo than a round tube construction would. It is much more difficult to bend or damage this cargo bar. Since it retracts to 48 inches, this is is a very easy piece of equipment to store. It is also very easy to install it to the length needed, and it has great holding power at any length.

The versatility of this cargo smart bar is unequaled by other cargo bars. Versatility of use and versatility of storage when not in use sets this cargo bar apart from other cargo bars and other methods of restraining cargo or other items that are carried in the cab or in a van or a trailer. It is easy to install and tools are not required. The rubber pads on either end of the bar make it easy to install. Its length can be adjusted by hand and it can also be tightened by hand or loosened by hand.

This cargo bar can be used in the bed of pick up trucks to segregate loads and to secure loads in place. Of course, it can be installed in a van or high-cube commercial trailer; it is big enough and strong enough for use in a trailer.

This item can be shipped via a small package shipper without having to pay "over length" charges.

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