When it comes to putting the right truck on the road, and you need to be using it at night, you need to get one that has the right vision. Automotive light bulbs are critical, and you need to have them supplied by a reputable supplier. That is where Fleet Oil and Truck Supply Company come in to offer their services and products. The firm is known for providing automotive light bulbs and other high quality truck accessories that won’t disappoint you and will help you with all of your trucking needs. The company offers various automotive light bulbs as detailed below: The 1156-10 automotive bulb is a very popular bulb and costs less than five dollars. It’s a large bulb with one filament to give you the right vision you need and comes with 12 V as a replaceable bulb. The automotive light bulb, 9007 can be bought for less than six dollars and comes as one bulb of 12v, 65/55w. It’s a replacement bulb for the halogen capsule beam headlights. 1157-10 automotive bulb for your truck is a 12V replacement bulb and large bulb with two filaments for the much-needed light. It’s a very attractive tail/stop light bulb. The 1893 automotive light bulbs come as 12V replacement bulbs in a box of ten. The bulb is small with one filament as an instrument panel light, and one can get one for less than five dollars. Get the automotive light bulbs, 89-10 12V replacement at less than five dollars. It’s a small bulb with one filament offering dome light and comes in a box of ten. Automotive light bulb, 9003 comes as one replacement bulb for the halogen capsule beam headlights. It has 12V and DOT approved for either high/low beam. It cost less than eight dollars. The same is for the automotive light bulbs 9004 only that this one can use 65/45W and cheaper at less than five dollars. At less than six dollars, you can get automotive light bulbs, 9005 that are DOT approved with 12V. It comes as one replacement bulb for halogen capsule beam headlights. The same also applies to automotive light bulb 9006, but this can use 55W/ 6EX and same in price. As a truck owner or driver, it’s always important to install new lights before the old ones go out. You can’t risk waiting for the lights to go off in the middle of the night when you have to do an urgent delivery. In most cases, trucker’s vision is limited due to the size of the truck and the delivery that they are carrying. Adding extra light supply ensures you have the clear vision while on track and hence reduce some accidents that are mainly caused by poor vision. Here at Fleet Oil and Truck Supply Company are always ready to serve you as a client.

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