Truck drivers already have a lot on their plate when it comes to keeping up with tight schedules. This can make packing for a long trip seem like an afterthought, especially since the space you have is limited.

Keep this ultimate packing list for truck drivers in mind as you prepare for your next trip.

Clothing: Doing laundry while out on the road can be tough process. Some stops don’t offer washers and dryers and taking the time to wash clothes can eat up valuable time out on the road. So be sure to pack enough clothes for your trip, and be prepared to wear the same outfit a couple of times.

Make sure that all of your clothes are weather-appropriate and are comfortable. Too-tight jeans or uncomfortable shirts will quickly become a big problem as you sit for long hours while driving. Also make sure to bring a jacket and umbrella in case you run into a sudden rainstorm. Pack a coat if you’re heading into colder areas. Sunglasses are another essential for truck drivers to keep your eyes safe and conformable from the sun’s rays.

Toiletries: Make sure to properly pack any medication you are already taking. You don’t want to get stuck somewhere without your medicines. Just make sure anything you are ingesting is approved by the Department of Transportation.

Packing toiletries like a shower kit, laundry bag, and detergent helps you from paying big markups at truck stops and convenience stores. Bringing along the bare essentials also helps you save space in your cab while allowing you to purchase high-quality products that will last longer.

Snacks and Food: Meal times can sometimes be few and far between while out on the road, so make sure the food in your truck is nutritious. Trucking is often seen as an unhealthy profession, but you can stay ahead of the curve by properly preparing for trips beforehand. Good healthy snacks to pack include fruit, protein bars, hummus, mixed nuts, and jerky.

Fun and Games: You’re going to have some downtime while out on an assignment, so make sure to pack a few items to keep you entertained. Bringing a laptop along gives you access to the Internet and movies, while investing in something like a Kindle lets you read without having to lug around a lot of books.

Some truck drivers choose to carry a Bluetooth headset to easily stay in contact with friends and family, but make sure to study up on local laws to make sure you can use these types of devices.

Other Essentials: No matter the circumstances of your trip, there are a few items that should always be packed. This includes cash, since some credit and debit card companies will sometimes think your card is the victim of fraud if it is used in different places across the country. Additionally, you should always pack tools and gloves to make quick repairs if something breaks, and a few maps in case a GPS fails to work or runs out of batteries.

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Truck driving is usually a stressful and tiresome job. Sitting and driving for long hours and having to keep up with tight schedules can make it easy to eat and sleep poorly. Keep this packing list in mind as you prepare for your next trip and assignment. Packing the right clothes, food, and entertainment options can make you more comfortable and relaxed while you are out on the road.

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