Truck driving is often thought of a freeing career because spending time out on the open road is seen as a liberating and adventurous experience. Of course, truck drivers are also on a tight schedule that can be very stressful, especially if they are trying to push through bad weather.

Despite the stressful moments, truck driving is one of the more lucrative careers out there because it is steady work and there is always a lack of good and qualified drivers.

Trucking is a great career for a few reasons. It is a job path that is expected to keep growing and there is a heavy need for younger drivers because the average age of those on the road is close to retirement.

Drivers are often seeing pay increases because they want to keep good drivers on the fleet. Some drivers make strong bonuses for good work, while others can collect on generous signing bonuses after being recruited to work.

Even though drivers often have a reputation of being sleep deprived and stressed, new rules are coming into effect that limits drive time to a federal maximum of 60 hours per week, of which the driver must then take off ten hours for rest. These rules have been put in place to cut down on road- related accidents by keeping drivers alert and aware.

Many people like truck driving because it offers a lot of time on the road to see new places and get out of your hometown. Drivers often go through parts of the country that most people have never heard of. Truckers who have no children of their own, or are single, often become tourists in the places they pass through and see in their extra time.

It can be hard to spend a lot of time away from family and friends, but drivers who are willing to spend more time on the road will always make more money. Trucking is also a relatively independent job that requires a good sense of work ethic and judgment, which can be inviting for someone who is looking for something other than a typical desk job.

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Even though the hours of driving are long, trucking is not a linear 9-5 job. You are required to reach your destinations on time and keep in line with federal guidelines, but there is a sense of flexibility and freedom about some of the hours you drive and spend working. This can be a big change for someone used to a 9-5, but it can be a liberating experience.

Many find it difficult to stay healthy while out on the road, but truck driving gives people the chance to be creative about how they can exercise and stay fit. Most big trucks are well-kept and clean, making it easy to live out of the cab, stay comfortable, and keep your health up.

If you are interested in becoming a driver, know that there are a variety of different types of jobs that can be a good career choice for different people. Those with good records can look into liquid hauling, while those who are interested in special training can go into oversized loads, which pays better.

If you are looking for an adventure, you can try to become an ice road trucker, facing tough conditions and a tough application process. Other driving jobs include over the road trucking and specialty car haulers.

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