With Spring started to kick in and the warm weather just around the corner things can get a little more uncomfortable on the road. Some truck drivers prefer to drive in the Spring and Summer, but regardless you still need to protect yourself against possible issues. Take note of these great tips and tricks for truck drivers during the hotter seasons!


1.     Brakes and Tires must be double checked

This is one of the most important things truck drivers should do before hitting the road for a long trip. The sun and hot pavement can cause brakes to fade or lose friction on the road. Check brakes along the way, and make a quick stop at a truck shop if anything sounds or feels strange. Also be cautious of your tires throughout your journey, because the beating heat can often cause blowouts on the road.


2.     Be Aware of road trippers

The roads get extra busy during the summer months because the kids are out of school, and everyone seems to be using the warm weather to take road trips and day adventures. This means truckers will need to strategically plan their trips around the popular areas and optimal times of day.


3.     Avoid Work Zones

There is always much more road work going on during the warmer months, just be cautious of the issues this can cause and the time it may delay you! Another reason to be cautious of these zones is because road violations increase in price throughout the work zones. No one wants a ticket so be cautious of your truck and the people around you!


4.     Be Smart

Common rule of thumb, but just be self-aware on the road and make sure to stay hydrated throughout your trip. So many truckers are used to their basic routine that sometimes it’s so easy to forget something as simple as a bottle of water. Many of the long trips include deserted highways, no gas for miles and no source of water, so make sure you stock up before leaving because no one wants to be caught in the blazing desert during the summer! But, if for some reason something does happen, use the necessary steps to keep yourself safe. 

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