In the trucking industry that continually needs new truck drivers, driving with a team is a popular option. There are great advantages to driving as a team. This includes more companionship, income and faster deliveries. Many married couples are choosing to team drive on longer over-the-road or OTR routes.

Most married teams are empty nesters in their fifties or older retirees. Team driving could add a sense of adventure to retirement. Married teams could also downsize their homes to save on living expenses since most of their time is spent on the road. The additional income is great too. Since team drivers can make upwards of one hundred thousand dollars per year, couples could use the additional income to supplement retirement savings.

There are some cons to married OTR teams. Life on the road can take some adjustment when one spouse is not used to living life in a semi cab. The close quarters and long hours could also amplify unresolved marital issues. Having a healthy relationship is vital to success. But many team driving couples enjoy life on the road and work well together.

Advantages of Team Driving as a Married Couple

It’s important to consider all aspects of riding together before committing to a team driving lifestyle. A trucking lifestyle isn’t for everyone. But there are great advantages to team driving as a married couple.

Traveling Together Helps with Loneliness

One of the most difficult parts of OTR driving is the lonely hours on the road. Teaming up with your spouse provides both drivers with companionship and closeness. Married team drivers also face very few issues than other driving teams. For instance, sleeping arrangements are less complicated and personality conflicts are not likely to be a problem with spouses.

Great Teams are Highly Valued

A seasoned team could deliver goods in half the time as a single driver. Trucking companies see this as a great asset, which often sends top teams to their best customers to build relationship and loyalty. When both spouses are reliable truck drivers, it increases their earning capacity and increases the reputation of the company.

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Married Teams Might Be Healthier

Long hours and few healthy food options make it easy for truck drivers to gain weight. Obesity and sleep apnea are all issues that plague the truck driving industry. Drivers have a built-in accountability partner for staying healthy and exercising with a spouse along for the ride

Team Driving Could Be Safer

Multitasking while driving could be an unsafe necessity for solo drivers. One partner can take care of paperwork and navigation while the other drives when it comes to driving in a team. The driver on duty could focus on the road instead of trying to juggle multiple tasks. Thieves and other potential attackers may be less likely to take on a team as well.

You Get to Experience Adventures with Each Other

Even though some trips may require a tight schedule, married teams get a chance to travel the country together. An occasional hotel room and rental car could provide a romantic getaway. Even if seeing the sights is not on the schedule, sharing the excitement of navigating a new town or route together can give couples a shared purpose.

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