So you’re doing the right thing for your family: being a truck driver can be beneficial to your family’s financial health, but it can also take its toll on your family relationships. Let’s face it: there’s nothing like being together as a family to stitch together the bonds that last a lifetime.

However, there are things you can do to enjoy your trip more and shorten the distance. Sure, you may be 800 miles away, but you can connect with your kids while you are out on the road, so it won’t feel like you have to start all over every time you come home from a job.

  1. Coordinate Your Schedules

We understand every trucking company is different, but if you have flexibility in your scheduling, check with the kids to see when their important events are coming up on the calendar. Important events to a 7 year-old may be you being there for the school play. Maybe it’s an important basketball game against the cross-town rivals. Makes sense to talk with your kids to figure out when Dad’s presence means the most, and work your schedule around it.

2. Where’s My Pen?

So you’re on the road. You are feeling the distance. When you stop for the day, chances are you have some time alone. Grab a postcard from the city you are in, and write a quick note to your kids, telling them you’re thinking about them. Let them know what you are seeing in that part of the country, so they can feel like they are on the journey with you. It doesn’t seem to matter how old you are: when you get something hand-written from someone you love, it just makes your day.

3. Can We Talk?

You probably have a pretty good idea when your break times will be coming. Find times that work for you and your kids to video chat over the phone. It’s an easy way to hear them, and see them, and that can shorten the emotional distance. There is nothing like looking at them and hearing the inflection in their voices to let you know how they are doing. Plus, they miss you, so it’s good for them to touch base with you so everybody feels connected.

4. Yes, Get a Facebook Page. Just Do It.

Maybe you’re a social media guru. Maybe you turn your nose up at people who check their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. But here’s the deal. This is the way your kids communicate, and if you want to stay connected to them, you need to learn to speak their language. The added benefit of social media versus video chatting is that it doesn’t matter what time you connect with them. You can just let them know you are thinking of them, and you’ll likely get a warm response back. Win-win.

At Fleet Oil & Truck Supply, we care about you. Contact us and let us know how we can help you take these tips to heart to keep your parent-child bond strong while covering the miles.

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