Do you yearn to spend your hours on the open road with nothing but your thoughts and the roar of the engine? Then you might be a born trucker. But deciding to become a pro trucker is just the first set in the decision making process. Now you have to choose what kind of trucker to be. You will ultimately want to make sure you land in the right spot in this surprisingly complex industry so that you can maximize your earning potential and your job satisfaction.

Here is a list of some of the highest-paying trucking jobs out there right now.

1. Fuel Tanker Hauler

Tanker trucks are those huge machines that haul liquid such as water or gasoline. You will need to get your CDL endorsed to do this particular job. This can be both difficult and dangerous since liquid cargo can be unstable. But it is one of the highest paying trucking jobs. These tanker drivers earn as much as seventy thousand dollars per year. You should consider the extra training and certification as an investment in your career.

2. Hazmat Driver

Just like tanker hauling, driving hazardous materials is another way to up your game. Get your CDL endorsed for this skill and you could widely increase the number of tanker hauls you’re eligible to do. Endorsing your CDL means you have access to a specialized and lucrative category of careers. Hazmat drivers are also guaranteed a minimum of one thousand dollars per week after a year of experience.

3. Oversized Load Driver

You need a special license and special training to haul extra large loads such as big machinery. But driving wide or oversized loads will mean you will be paid more. Oversized load truckers earn between fifty three to ninety thousand dollars on average. You may even earn six figures if you are willing to sacrifice some home time and work extra hard.

4. Ice Road Truck Driver

When it comes to truck driving, no one earns a higher amount than ice road truckers. These are the brave souls who deliver their loads on pure ice. It is an extremely dangerous career and it is also extremely well paid. Some ice road truckers earn up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars for just two months of icy season work.

5. Transport Trucker

Hauling specialty vehicles, luxury cars or junk cars will earn you more than the standard cargo. Transport drivers earn about fifty three thousand dollars a year on average.

6. Team Truck Driver

Team truck drivers hook up with others to go twice as far and twice as fast. You will not get a lot of breaks outside of the truck in this field. But you will make great time and money. The average team truck driver makes fifty thousand dollars per year.

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7. Over The Road Driver

Specialize in long hauls from coast to coast and you will be sure to earn a good living.Over the Road drivers do daunting work and must be twenty-one or older to score gigs. The starting annual salary is forty to forty-five thousand dollars per year.

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