A Freightliner Century Headlight replacement offers you the most advanced safety technology in truck headlight development. The Freightliner Century Class Headlight upgrade with Amber LED Daylight/Turn Signal Light features are an amazing improvement over your current halogen truck headlights. No adapters are required so you only need to remove the old light and install the new headlight. The Freightliner Century Class Headlight Replacements are D. O. T. and FMVSS approved.

Headlights are one of the most important items on your rig. The value of high quality LED (Light Emitting Diodes) headlights at night and in bad weather is indisputable. One of the very important features of the Freightliner Century Class Headlight Replacement LEDs is these headlights will show the detail at the far end of the highway. Another important feature is the detail visible just off the road which will give you a real edge in spotting road signs, culverts and even wildlife lurking along the side of the road. A sloping roadway will be lit so you can see the degree of the slope. Road signs can be seen from a greater distance than with halogen lamps. Everything will be seen in a white light that is almost like daylight.

The Freightliner Century Headlight replacement will not disturb oncoming drivers. The reflector design casts the light straight down the highway with a low and wide beam. This feature keeps the light out of the vision of oncoming drivers. The Freightliner Century Headlight replacement provide a large light pattern compared to the small pattern of yellow light that only illuminates an area in front of your truck. These lights also provide a better light return from road signage.

The Freightliner Century Headlight Replacement LED headlights will hit maximum brightness in a millionth of a second. The LED bulbs have a life of 15,000 hours. These headlights are cool to the touch after hours of use, so they can be cleaned of road grime when you stop for a break.

The Freightliner Century Headlight Replacement LED headlights are designed to provide the best uniform lighting in brightness, distance and the best light for driving in rain, snow or fog. You can increase your safety while driving with these upgraded lights and you will experience far less eye strain while driving at night.

Fleet Oil and Truck Supply is committed to providing you with the highest quality design and manufacture of headlight replacement LED products. Our Freightliner Century Headlight Replacement LED headlights are on the leading edge of truck optical technology with the innovative features that will make your driving a safer and more comfortable experience. Why not take advantage of this and upgrade now.

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