Semi-truck drivers spend a lot of hours on the road, whether they are making local or cross-country deliveries. There are certain regulations that are established to prevent accidents. They may include truck operation guidelines, regular servicing as well as regular breaks in between deliveries. 

However, this does not always mean that accidents will not happen. As a semi-truck driver, you should always be ready and prepared for any eventualities and emergency situations. Herein is a simple but comprehensive guide on what to do if semi-truck accident happens.


This is the first and most important step. Following an accident, the immediate thing to do is call the respective authorities and inform them about the accident. The authorities will be responsible for dispatching emergency assistance. You should ideally have a good grasp on administering basic first aid.

It is important to note that unless there is the possibility of a fire breaking out or risk of further injury, you should not attempt to move any person. If there is any bleeding, you may try to stop it by applying firm and prolonged pressure on the wounds. Allow the authorities to take over medical assistance once they arrive.


Once all the affected people are safe, you should take a close look at the cargo that you were transporting. If the cargo in transit happens to be potentially hazardous to people or the environment, proper spill control protocol should be followed to check for any damages and prevent further spills. Use flares or hazard indicators to warn other drivers to avoid the affected areas. This is important for preventing future accidents.


Following a semi-truck accident, you will need to contact your insurance agency as soon as possible. Some trucking companies require the drivers to first contact them. Semi-truck drivers who work as freelancers should have proper insurance cover for the cargo they are transporting as well as injuries and resultant damages. 

The insurance cover should also cater for any lawsuits filed against the truck driver. Your employer will send personnel to complete the delivery if the good were not damaged. It is important to cooperate with your insurance agency and answer all queries related to the accident. It is good practice to take some pictures of the scene to present to the insurance agency.


There are certain policies regarding driving after an accident. This occurrence may warrant a CDL qualification review. In order to keep your license, remember to cooperate fully with the authorities at the accident scene.

You will be free to work again as long as you adhered to the trucking industry regulations and laws of the road.


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